Applied Biosystems TaqMan Pre-miRNA Assays allow researchers to quantitate precursor miRNAs with specificity and high sensitivity.  When used with a standard reverse transcription kit and a qPCR master mix, these assays help researchers in the study miRNA biogenesis.

  • Highly specific—quantitates precursor miRNAs, not mature miRNAs
  • Fast, simple, and scalable—two-step quantitative RT-PCR assay provides high quality results typically in less than three hours
  • Designed using the same verified pipeline as TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
  • Primers and probe are located within the stem loop

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TaqMan Pre-miRNA Assays are available for a wide range of species.

Assay components

TaqMan Pre-miRNA Assays are delivered in a single tube containing the specific pre-formulated TaqMan assay (TaqMan MGB probe, forward and reverse primers).

Assay suffix nomenclature

_s1: An assay whose primers and probes are designed within a single exon. Such assays, by definition, detect genomic DNA.
_g1: An assay that may detect genomic DNA. The assay primers and probe may also be within a single exon.
_sH and _gH: An assay that is designed to a transcript belonging to a gene family that has high sequence homology.

Available sizes

Our TaqMan Pre-miRNA Assays are categorized under Non-Coding RNA Assays, as well as Gene Expression Assays resulting in various catalog numbers. Please search for your precursor miRNA using our gene expression assay search tool to locate the appropriate catalog number.

TaqMan Non-Coding RNA Assay
Cat. No. 4426961: Small (360 reactions; 20X)
Cat. No. 4426962: Medium (750 reactions; 20X)
Cat. No. 4426963: Large (2900 reactions; 60X)

TaqMan Gene Expression Assay
Cat. No. 4453320: Extra Small (75 reactions; 20X – made to order)
Cat. No. 4448892: Extra Small (75 reactions; 20X - inventoried)
Cat. No. 4331182: Small (250 reactions; 20X - inventoried)
Cat. No. 4351372: Small (360 reactions; 20X – made to order)
Cat. No. 4351370: Medium (750 reactions; 20X – made to order)
Cat. No. 4351368: Large (2900 reactions; 60X – made to order)

Available assays

Complete list of TaqMan pre-miRNA Assays

Shipping and storage

Shipped at ambient temperature.
Store at –15ºC to –25ºC.
White Paper: Ambient Temperature Shipping Reduces Environmental Impact and Retains Quality and Stability

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.