ProtoArray services and its associated products have been discontinued, information here is for reference.

ProtoArray Microarray Data Analysis

Rapid interpretation of microarray results

ProtoArray Prospector v5.2.3 software is a free, user-friendly data analysis tool that provides rapid interpretation of experimental results generated using ProtoArray Microarrays. Features of ProtoArray Prospector v5.2.3 software include:

  • Optimized report output and data normalization
  • Algorithms for analysis of supported applications
  • Auto-update feature

ProtoArray Prospector Software v5.2.3

ProtoArray Prospector v5.2.3 generates a list of positive interactions between the probe of interest and the immobilized proteins on the array. Beginning with data from either GenePix image quantification software or in 4-column, tab-delimited format, ProtoArray Prospector v5.2.3 provides rapid analysis of single and multiple microarray results generated in Protein-Protein Interaction, Kinsase Substrate Identification, Ubiquitin Ligase Substrate Identification, Small Molecule Profiling, or Immune Response Biomarker Profiling assays.

ProtoArray Prospector is available free of charge with the purchase of ProtoArray Protein Microarray Products.

Download ProtoArray Prospector v5.2.3  (69.5 MB)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.