ProtoArray® Prospector v5.2.3 software is a free, user-friendly data analysis tool that provides rapid interpretation of experimental results generated using ProtoArray® Microarrays. Features of ProtoArray® Prospector v5.2.3 software include:

  • Optimized report output and data normalization
  • Algorithms for analysis of supported applications
  • Auto-update feature

ProtoArray® Prospector Software v5.2.3

ProtoArray® Prospector v5.2.3 generates a list of positive interactions between the probe of interest and the immobilized proteins on the array. Beginning with data from either GenePix® image quantification software or in 4-column, tab-delimited format, ProtoArray® Prospector v5.2.3 provides rapid analysis of single and multiple microarray results generated in Protein-Protein Interaction, Kinsase Substrate Identification, Ubiquitin Ligase Substrate Identification, Small Molecule Profiling, or Immune Response Biomarker Profiling assays.

ProtoArray® Prospector is available free of charge with the purchase of ProtoArray® Protein Microarray Products.

Download ProtoArray® Prospector v5.2.3  (69.5 MB)