ProtoArray services and its associated products have been discontinued, information here is for reference.

Reliable predictors of disease—autoantibody markers provide a disease-specific fingerprint for cancers as well as autoimmune and other diseases.

Available—autoantibodies are highly enriched in easily accessible biological fluids such as serum, plasma, tears, and saliva.

Stable and easy to detect—their long half-lives and sensitive detection strategy provide a simple, robust solution for rapidly detecting autoantibodies.

ProtoArray® Microarrays have the highest human protein content

Over 9,000 full-length human proteins are displayed on the ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarray v5.0. Proteins are expressed in insect cells as N-terminal GST fusion proteins using a baculovirus expression system. All proteins are purified under non-denaturing conditions and printed at 4°C to preserve native protein structure.

Review a list of all human proteins on the ProtoArray version 5.0 microarray

Rapid, sensitive protocol

ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarray v5.0 utilizes a simple, rapid protocol for the sensitive (LOD < 1 ng/μl) detection of autoantibodies against many autoantigens. In a single day, you can profile up to a hundred patient samples against thousands of unique human antigens.

Review the ProtoArray profiling protocol

Absolute autoantibody identification

ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarrays v5.0 provides absolute identification of a patient's autoantibodies. The identity of every antigen printed on the array is known and addressable. The array includes specific controls (e.g. human IgG, anti-human IgG, human IgA) to monitor assay quality and normalize data, leading to accurate autoantibody detection.

ProtoArray® Prospector, a freeware tool, can be used for the analysis of data from immune response biomarker profiling assays. ProtoArray® Prospector:

  • Normalizes the data
  • Performs both single array analysis and a comparison of signal across many arrays
  • Uses sophisticated statistical methods to identify potential autoantibody biomarkers within minutes of data acquisition.

Download the ProtoArray® Prospector v5.2 software


  1. Samples are obtained from control and diseased or treated patients.
  2. ProtoArray® Protein Microarrays are blocked and incubated with diluted samples. Autoantibody biomarkers are visualized with a fluorescent dye-labeled secondary antibody. IgA, IgG and IgM subtypes can be detected on ProtoArray® microarrays with the proper secondary antibody.
  3. Data analysis with the free software tool ProtoArray® Prospector enables identification of antigens recognized by elevated autoantibodies in a patient’s sample.

Invitrogen's ProtoArray® services team of highly trained scientists are experts in experimental design and statistical analysis. They can perform the experiments for you and prepare an extensive report.

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For your convenience, we have compiled references that describe applications of this powerful technology.

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