ProtoArray services and its associated products have been discontinued, information here is for reference.

This search function will provide you the ProtoArray microarray lot-specific information that you need to perform analysis. The information includes:

  • GAL file—defines relative spot locations and identities for use by microarray image analysis software. If you are using software other than Molecular Device's GenePix Pro, check the software manual for file-type compatibility
  • Protein information file—provides the name, location, and relative concentration of all features on the array, including controls
  • Protein sequence file—includes accession numbers, FASTA headers, and amino acid sequences of human proteins on the array
  • Controls information file–provides information on the array controls, including name, molecular weight, and concentration

Enter the complete barcode number listed on the slide to retrieve your ProtoArray microarray lot-specific information.

Barcode entry example:

Barcode printed on slide is 0000010558

Please ignore the grayed-out leading zeros and enter the number starting with the first non-zero digit.

In this case you would enter 10558