Insights from the NGS community using Collibri technology

Invitrogen Collibri Library Prep kits for Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) provide enhanced coverage, faster protocols, and higher success rates with challenging samples compared to older library prep technology. The visual feedback at each step in the protocol alerts you to any need to pause, mix reagents more thoroughly, and save your precious samples.

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Insights into activation of the immune system

Dr. Martin Turner, Dr. Elisa Monzón-Casanova, Dr. Louise Matheson, and Dr. Simon Andrews at the Babraham Institute study changes in the transcriptome of CD8 T cells upon activation using the Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep Kits for Illumina Systems.

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Dr. Karla Plevova

Success with cfDNA and ctDNA from liquid biopsy research samples

Updated protocols to sequence cell-free DNA (cfDNA) produce a more accurate representation of sample complexity. Using Illumina NGS, Dr. Karla Plevova at the Central European Institute of Technology at Masaryk University—in collaboration with Dr. Vladimir Benes at the EMBL Genomics Core Facility—have developed a protocol for efficient cfDNA library preparation from low amounts of sample to observe copy number variation (CNV), even from low sequencing depths of 5X coverage.

Aaron Zhang-Chen, CEO of Genenius

Enabling the future of personalized medicine

Dr. Aaron Zhang-Chen at Genenius Genetics speaks about how the Collibri PS DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina NGS helped reduce the error rate in their lab process. The success rate of the library prep with a tiny amount of DNA input (<1 ng) significantly improved their efficiencies.

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Dr. Stuart Levine

Increasing NGS experimental power without increasing costs

The high cost of library production for Illumina NGS is a critical factor in the design of under-powered experiments. Dr. Stuart Levine, Director of the BioMicro center at MIT, has developed methodologies to dramatically lower library preparation costs without sacrificing data quality. Performance data from the Collibri ES DNA Library Prep Kits demonstrates 10-15 fold reduction in costs.

Nik Matthews, Institute for Cancer Research

Future-proofing a genomics lab

Improvements in NGS technology have historically focused on speed and throughput, while the latest advances are focused on data quality and sensitivity of detection. Nik Matthews at the Institute for Cancer Research speaks about how adopting new technologies that offer greater genomic insights will bring current genomic labs gracefully into 2021 and beyond.

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