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One solution for analysis of Collibri Stranded RNA libraries

Invitrogen Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep kits for high-throughput Illumina systems are verified for whole-transcriptome and mRNA analysis using Genialis™ software. Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep kits make it possible to capture a faithful representation of virtually all types of RNA in a sample. Genialis software empowers analysis and interpretation of these rich and diverse data.

Data analysis and management

Uncover high confidence drug targets and biomarkers of tolerance, efficacy, and outcome. Detect biomarkers for precision medicine.

Data interpretation

Ensure accurate interpretation of your NGS data, no matter if it’s public, proprietary, historic, or newly acquired. With validated informatics pipelines, and built-in normalization and QC/QA workflows, you can confidently, consistently interpret your data.

Data visualization

Reveal previously unseen patterns across large, heterogeneous datasets to more accurately predict targets and biomarkers. Explore large genomic datasets with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Sequencing data at scale

  • Automated, verified workflow matches chemistry of Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep kits
  • Computation scales with cloud-based IT infrastructure
  • Flexible Python-based software developer kit (SDK) grants complete programmatic control

Operating costs and turnaround time

  • Easily automated processes integrate with current workflows
  • Preconfigured QC reports minimize hands-on time
  • Industrial-strength workload manager welcomes NGS throughput

Scientific accuracy and reproducibility

  • Auto-generated annotation templates capture standard ontology metadata
  • Versioned pipelines benchmark each tool and parameter
  • Records complete history of every sample and data object

Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep with Human/Mouse/Rat rRNA Depletion kits

Sequence the entire transcriptome for improved library complexity