LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software is the optimal application for the analysis of next-generation sequencing data from 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems. LifeScope™ Software integrates two key functionalities in one application: the computational power to map billions of reads to reference sequences, with the sensitivity and accuracy to detect a wide variety of genomic variation. This unique combination of power and accuracy is presented in an easy-to-use graphical interface (Figure 1), which puts the latest computational tools for genome analysis right in your hands, whether you are a biologist or a bioinformatician

  • Built for your needs—unique “dual-mode use” for biologists and bioinformaticians
  • Fastest and most accurate analysis—performance-tuned algorithms developed for 5500 Series SOLiD™ Systems
  • Unmatched breadth of functionality—detect a huge range of genomic variation with one software
  • Flexibility and choice—base space (from the Exact Call Chemistry (ECC) module) as well as color space analysis
  • Optimized and integrated solutions—seamlessly integrated software, hardware and cloud-based choices
Built for Biologists and Bioinformaticians

The analysis of high-throughput sequence data has previously required expert-level bioinformatics knowledge, which constitutes a major barrier to the wider adoption of next-generation technologies in the life sciences. LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software removes that barrier through its innovative “dual-mode use” approach: biologists can execute complex analyses simply—using the newly-designed and intuitive graphical user interface, and bioinformaticians can exploit all the advanced features through the vastly-expanded and scriptable command line interface. Best of all, both modes of use are completely integrated with each other. For example, a bioinformatician can configure and run an analysis, and set the workflow up so that the graphical results (Figures 2 and 3) of that analysis are available to a biologist as soon as she logs into the system. With wizard-driven workflows, real-time analysis monitoring (Figure 4), personal spaces for project and data management, and bioinformatics workflow improvements, next-generation sequence data analysis is now easier than ever. Finally, one application that combines the best of both worlds.

Fast, Accurate, Convenient

LifeScope™ Software includes performance-tuned algorithms and applications for the optimal analysis of 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems data. These algorithms include a scalable mapping engine for aligning and pairing billions of short reads to a reference sequence, then seamlessly detecting a huge range of genomic variation and other key characteristics of the mapped data. For instance, the speed of mapping and pairing reads has been increased several-fold over our widely-used BioScopeTM Software, while at the same time providing more accurate results. Integration with application-specific pipelines enables you to leverage the on-demand capabilities of the 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems while facilitating the translation into biologically meaningful results.

More Analysis Options, All in One Package

Lifescope™ Software features an extensive breadth of applications in genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenetics.  See below for a full list of functionality.

Genomics Applications

  • SNP Finding: sensitive and specific SNP detection even at moderate to low coverage
  • Low Frequency Variant Detection: This workflow uses the high accuracy data generated on the 5500 Series Genetic Analyzers (with or with the ECC Module) to detect low frequency variants present in a targeted or whole genome resequencing experiments.  It is ideal for mixed samples common in cancer-related research projects.
  • Human Copy Number Variation (CNV) Detection: find variations as small as 5KB and as large as the whole chromosome in humans, from single sample sequences even at coverage as low as 1X
  • Small Indel Variation Detection: using a novel split-read technique, alongside a powerful insertion and deletion (Indel) caller on pileups, LifeScope™ Software detects deletions up to 500bp and insertions up to 20bp
  • Large Indel Variation Detection: identify large indels from 100bp to 100Kb with high confidence.  LifeScope™ Software is also able to accept multiple mate-pair libraries to increase coverage
  • Inversion Detection: take advantage of the long insert size of the SOLiD™ Mate Pair technology to generate a list of inversions at high confidence

Transcriptomics Applications

  • Exon Counting: LifeScope™ software has a “counting known exons” step which identifies the number of reads that align within genomic features
  • Junction Finding: junctions are inferred from the exon, gene, and transcript definitions in the genome annotation, and are produced for all splices between pairs of exons within a gene
  • Fusion Transcript Detection: gene fusion detection applications use paired-end input, and the sequence reads are mapped with LifeScope™ Software
  • Small RNA Analysis: mapping of small RNA generates several analyses, including known small RNA, novel small RNA, and abundance

Epigenetic Applications

  • ChIP-Seq Support: perform ChIP-Seq resequencing through the LifeScope™ Software client
  • Methylation Support: map and analyze MethylMiner™ methylated DNA-enriched and unenriched fractions, as well as bisulfite-converted and unconverted reads sequenced on the 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems

Flexibility and Choice

LifeScope™ Software supports data analysis in both color space—the most accurate data and analysis available on the market—and in base space when generated by the 5500 Series ECC module.  Utilizing the many new features of the 5500 Series XSQ file format, LifeScope™ Software also supports the use of molecularly-barcoded samples, providing a unique flexibility to data analysis matching that of the 5500 Series FlowChips themselves.  Whether you are working in color space or base space, with barcoded data or not, LifeScope™ Software provides all the informatics tools you need to get the job done.

Optimized and Integrated Solutions for Every Need and Budget

Accelerate your analysis by running LifeScope™ Software on one of our optimized, high-performance computing Workstations or Clusters.  Both configurations come with LifeScope™ Software pre-loaded, performance tested, and ready to be licensed.  Learn more about the LifeScope™ Cluster and the LifeScope™ Workstation.

A Community of Support

With more than 2,000 field personnel, Life Technologies has the most extensive network of dedicated Bioinformatics Scientists, Application Specialists, and Service Engineers to work with you, so that you can feel confident that we will be there when and where you need us most.

Learn More

For more information on all the above LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Solutions, and to learn how to get your initial copy of the software for free, please contact your local Life Technologies field Bioinformatics Scientist.

Please note: you will need to accept the LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software End-User License Agreement and provide your License Key in order to download and use the software.