Next-generation sequencing is fast reaching critical mass, encompassing a growing number of researchers to more efficiently answer biological questions on a variety of sample types. With an increasing population employing next-generation sequencing, and evolving platforms coming to market, it is becoming more essential to have robust and streamlined methods to carry out next-generation sequencing studies.

Exactly how important is sample preparation in next-generation sequencing?


Success on any next-generation sequencing platform begins with optimal sample preparation - from sample isolation and purification to library construction and enrichment. Invitrogen™ and Ambion® products - recognized as trusted names in DNA and RNA research - include optimal solutions for next-generation sequencing sample preparation and use proven technologies based on our sequencing expertise.

Exactly how important is sample preparation in next-generation sequencing? As with any scientific methodology, it is well understood that the quality of sequencing data depends highly upon the quality of the sequenced material. Additionally, it is necessary to consider the make-up of the library to be sequenced, ensuring true sequence representation from the original sample. Thus, the library construction process should guarantee a high molecular recovery of the original fragments (low bias and high complexity) in order to achieve the most genomic coverage with the least amount of sequencing. An ideal library consists of a well-balanced representation of all genomic areas of interest, revealing regions that may have initially been underrepresented and minimizing overrepresentation of PCR duplicates yielded by low complexity. To realize the ideal library, the first step toward optimal next-generation sequencing results is best-in-class sample preparation.

Invitrogen™ and Ambion® next-generation sequencing sample preparation solutions are designed to be optimized for your desired workflow. Optimized sample preparation means complete solutions from one source, minmizing further manipulation, solutions flexible enough to work with a broad range of starting samples, availability of tools to serve as controls for greater confidence, and accountability to help troubleshoot when needed. The complete Invitrogen™ and Ambion® next-generation sequencing sample preparation offering is more than boxes of reagents; it is a carefully designed set of products with easy-to-follow, robust protocols and guidance to help make your next-generation sequencing libraries work right the first time, every time.

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