3730 Series Genetic Analyzers

Scalable. Flexible. Simplified.

The Applied Biosystems 3730xl Genetic Analyzer is the highest throughput capillary electrophoresis instrument built for customers who require an economical, automated, and scalable instrument to process large numbers of sequencing or fragment analysis samples. It is now enabled with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and Cloud connectivity. 

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Scalable sample processing

  • Gold-standard Sanger sequencing technology for high-throughput genetic analysis
  • Validated for use with Applied Biosystems GlobalFiler Express and VeriFiler Express PCR Amplification Kits for human identification applications
  • Scale number of samples being processed using either 48- or 96-capillary array
  • Use integrated plate stacker to enable up to 48-hour uninterrupted instrument operation or add plates while instrument is running
  • Use plate size that fits your protocol with option to process 96- or 384-well plates
  • Automation features help decrease risk of human error, including internal barcode reader and onboard polymer delivery system

Greater lab and data management

  • Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for increased security and continued support from Microsoft
  • Remote instrument access enables remote run setup and monitoring
  • View and conduct primary analysis from anywhere with remote data management application 
  • Reduce time for data processing and delivery of customer results using personal secured folder*
  • Enable your customers to conduct secondary analysis at no cost**

* Cloud data storage up to 1 TB for free
** Using the CE modules available in the cloud  

Simplified laboratory space planning

  • No specialized lab preparation required to place new instrument or move instruments you already own
  • Just find the right-sized bench space and access to a 110 V or 220 V power plug
  • Cut energy waste with upgraded efficiency of 600 VA (Volt Amps)*
  • No heat ducting required with cool-running, single-line 505 nm laser

* Compared to 2500 VA legacy system

Upgrade to refreshed 3730xl DNA analyzer

The refreshed 3730xl DNA Analyzer offers the same reproducible, high-quality results and robust performance as the previous generation of instruments.

 White Paper: Functional performance comparison of legacy and refreshed 3730 Series DNA analyzers

 Flyer: 3730xl DNA Analyzer for human identification

Upgrade options*

On-site upgrade

  • Your legacy instrument is refreshed on site by our trained field service engineers
  • Retain your current instrument's serial number
  • 12 months full service coverage with planned maintenance. Includes 6 hours remote FAS training.

Trade-in upgrade*

  • A new or refurbished, refreshed instrument will be delivered and installed in your lab
  • Your legacy 3730 or 3730xl instrument is sent back to Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • One-year comprehensive instrument warranty

Turn your 3700 or 3730xl into cash for your laboratory

No longer using your 3730 or 3730xl Genetic Analyzer?  Exchange it for cash.  Fill out and submit the 3730 Buyback Form  and email it to CE.Buybacks@thermofisher.com  to see if your instrument qualifies. Additional paperwork or agreements may be required to complete a buyback. 

Use your cash rewards to improve your laboratory productivity bypurchasing new CE instruments or consumables.


Updated 3730xl instrumentCat. No.Includes
3730 DNA Analyzer, 96-CapillaryA4104612 months  warranty & 1 day Training
3730xl upgradesCat. No.Includes

AB 3730XL  36CM Upgrade

A424423 months warranty on exchanged parts
AB 3730XL  50CM UpgradeA424433 months warranty on exchanged parts
AB 3730XL  36CM UpgradeA5180912 months comprehensive warranty with planned maintenance and 6 hours of remote training
AB 3730XL  50CM UpgradeA5181012 months comprehensive warranty with planned maintenance and 6 hours of remote training


 Part number
AB Assurance Service Plan for the 3730xl DNA Analyzer
IQ/OQ/IPV for the 3730xl DNA Analyzer (sequencing and fragment analysis)A42065

*To qualify for the trade-in upgrade, there must be an agreement with the trade-in terms as stated in the quote. Offer valid for end-user customers in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa, Suppliers of Life Science products may not be eligible to participate in this promotion. Determination of eligibility is at the sole discretion of Life Technologies. Offer valid on qualifying orders received no later than March 31, 2022. Trade-ins and purchased instruments must be submitted on a one-to-one, trade-to-purchase basis to be considered eligible for the program. Customer must request a trade-in at the time the order for the new instrument is placed. This promotion is available only for purchases of new or refurbished eligible instruments. Trade-in instruments must be returned to Life Technologies within 15 days following installation of the new instrument. Life Technologies will be responsible for shipping costs on the traded-in instrument. Where necessary, customer agrees to allow a Life Technologies field service representative to de-install the instrument from their facility. Discount will apply to the list price in effect at the time order is received by Life Technologies. Prior to return, customer will fully clean the customer's trade-in unit and decontaminate it of radioactive, biological, toxic and other dangerous or hazardous materials or substances and, if requested by Life Technologies, customer agrees to complete and return a Certificate of Decontamination to Life Technologies. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Offer void where prohibited by federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy. Other restrictions may apply.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.