Western Blotting

Is your western workflow in need of a hero? Enlist these power pairs to come to the rescue.

Invitrogen Bolt Bis-Tris Plus gels and the Invitrogen iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System

Have the need for speed? Bolt Bis-Tris Plus gels offer the benefits of Bis-Tris chemistry, allowing you to load up to 60 uL of sample with run times of just 20 minutes. Tag-team with the iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System, which utilizes unique, ready-to-use dry transfer stacks for transfer times of only 7 minutes. Separate and transfer your proteins in a flash!

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Thermo Scientific SuperSignal West Pico PLUS substrate and the Invitrogen iBind Western Device

With our innovative automated western blot processing system—the iBind Western Device—you can simply load primary antibody, secondary antibody, and wash solutions, then walk away. In less than 3 hours, your blot is ready for final detection. Solutions are processed using sequential lateral flow technology, with no batteries, shakers, trays, or timers required. Team up with our most versatile chemiluminescent HRP substrate with a great balance of sensitivity, signal duration, and signal intensity for a smooth and efficient immunodetection workflow.

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Primary and secondary antibodies

Find the perfect pair of primary and secondary antibodies for your western blot detection. We offer thousands of options in over 50 research areas such as cancer, epigenetics, immunology, and neuroscience. Find your match today.

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Thermo Scientific PageRuler Plus Prestained Protein Ladders and Invitrogen NuPAGE Bis-Tris gels

You can trust the neutral pH of the NuPAGE Bis-Tris gels to resolve and maintain the integrity of your protein and provide you with straight lanes and publication-quality data. Combine them with the popular PageRuler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder (molecular weight range of 10–260 kDa) to monitor your gel run and transfer.

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The Invitrogen iBright FL1000 Imaging System and Invitrogen Alexa Fluor Plus Secondary Antibodies

We’ve saved the best for last…are you ready to take your western blots to the next level with fluorescent multiplexing? Recruit our easy-to-use iBright FL1000 Imaging System—designed to capture high-resolution, high-sensitivity fluorescent western blots—and our Alexa Fluor Plus conjugated secondary antibodies with enhanced sensitivity and low background. With this power combo, you can detect multiple proteins in the same blot.

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