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Guides and Tools

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Custom siRNA (Silencer® and Silencer® Select)

  • GeneAssist™ Custom siRNA Builder: Design and order custom sequences, or search our database for Silencer® and Silencer® Select siRNAs. Click on “siRNA” to search our database for Silencer® Select siRNA, Ambion® in vivo siRNA, Stealth RNAi® siRNA, and unmodified siRNA.

Pre-designed and validated siRNA (Silencer®, Silencer® Select, and Stealth RNAi®)

  • Silencer® Select Pre-Designed, Validated siRNA: Use our tool to find pre-designed or validated Silencer® Select siRNA. Click on “siRNA” and then “Silencer® Select siRNA”, then enter the species targeted and target information. For Silencer® Pre-Designed siRNA, click on “siRNA” and then “Unmodified siRNA”.

In vivo pre-designed siRNA

  • In vivo RNAi siRNA: Design and order custom Ambion® in vivo siRNA or Stealth RNAi® siRNA for in vivo experiments.

Custom in vivo:

Custom designed Stealth RNAi® siRNA

  • BLOCK-iT™ RNAi Designer: Design and order custom sequences against your targets for both synthetic Stealth RNAi® siRNA and siRNA, or vector-based Stealth RNAi® products, including miR RNAi and shRNA.

Pre-designed and validated Stealth RNAi® siRNA

  • BLOCK-iT™ RNAi Express: Order bench-tested Validated Stealth RNAi® siRNA, ready-to-order Stealth Select RNAi siRNA, and ready-to-clone BLOCK-iT™ miR RNAi Select.

Stealth RNAi® siRNA in vivo

  • Synthetics for in vivo RNAi: Order synthetic Stealth RNAi® siRNA or BLOCK-iT™ siRNA for in vivo RNAi, or 5’ fluorescently labeled siRNA.


  • Mimics and inhibitors: Find pre-designed miRNA or order custom miRNA analysis products for mirVana™ miRNA inhibitors & mimics, Ambion® Anti-miR™ miRNA inhibitors, and Ambion® Pre-miR™ miRNA precursors.
  • miRBase: The microRNA database.

Plate and library orders

  • DailyCalcs: Calculate molarity, dilution, molecular weight, and more with this calculator.
  • CloningBench: An app designed to provide you with useful tools to help guide your cloning experiments.