Cell Therapy Systems (CTS)

As you move from basic cell therapy research to the clinic, high-quality products and proper documentation are essential to getting it right the first time. Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) products help minimize the risk of contamination and variability in your research and provide all the required documentation for regulatory review—making them the superior choice as you transition from the bench to the clinic.

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What can you expect when you choose Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) products?


Harmonized documentation

  • Ease the burden on your quality systems
  • Simplify the regulatory filing process and reduce risk throughout
  • Save time in searching and evaluating products

Serum-free formulations

  • Minimize variability and risk of contamination
  • Enable lot-to-lot consistency
  • Follow the same protocol and achieve comparable results from bench to clinic

Expert consultation

  • Backed by more than 50 years of Gibco media experience
  • Regional technical support for all products
  • Experienced professionals to help navigate regulatory processes

Featured cell therapy systems products

Featured cell therapy applications

Stem Cell Therapy Research

Tools to help you isolate, expand, differentiate, and characterize your cells


Specialized products to isolate or activate and expand T cells, dendritic cells, or other immune cell types

Neural Media & Reagents for Cell Therapy

Specialized media and supplements for stem cell– and tissue-derived neural cell cultures

Tissue Engineering

Tailored solutions for your mesenchymal stem cell therapy–based research

A Gibco CTS Mini-Documentary Series


For research use or manufacturing of cell, gene, or tissue-based products. Additional use limitations may apply to certain products.

*For human ex vivo tissue and cell culture processing applications. CAUTION: Not intended for direct administration to humans or animals.