We have developed a trusted suite of Gibco Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) neural stem cell (NSC) culture media, supplements, substrates, and growth factors for cell therapy. These high quality GMP-manufactured products are designed to support your transition from discovery through clinical and commercial manufacturing, offering extensive safety testing and regulatory documentation.

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CTS Neurobasal Medium

CTS Neurobasal-A Medium

CTS B-27 Supplement XenoFree

CTS N-2 Supplement


CTS DPBS is the classic Dulbecco's phosphate-buffered saline, formulated without calcium, magnesium, and phenol red. It is manufactured in GMP, ISO-certified facilities to help ensure the quality and consistency for reproducible results every day. Tests include osmolality, pH, stability, and the absence of bacterial/fungal contamination and endotoxin.

CTS Synth-a-Freeze Medium

Gibco PeproTech growth factors and cytokines for neural stem cell therapy

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Gibco PeproTech and PeproGMP growth factors and cytokines are available to support stem cell renewal, glial progenitor differentiation, basal and neuron-restricted progenitor differentiation, and more.

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