Life Technologies offers products and services to seamlessly transition from pluripotent stem cells to neural induction through to terminal differentiation. In addition to innovative products, many resources including protocols, videos and technical specialists are available to support your stem cell research.

New! Introducing Gibco® PSC Neural Induction Medium

Enables neural induction in as few as 7 days without the need for embryoid body formation or rosettes.

Culture PSC

Essential 8™ Medium contains only the necessary components needed for maintaining pluripotency of your hPSCs before neural induction. Validate pluripotency and cell health during PSC experiments with tools for characterizing pluripotent stem cells.


Neural Induction

The PSC Neural Induction Medium alleviates the pain and variability of creating embryoid bodies and rosettes, resulting in high quality NSCs which are ready to expand, characterize, or differentiate within 7 days after splitting hPSCs. Use primary antibodies to confirm NSCs after neural induction.

Terminal Differentiation

NSCs generated from the Gibco® PSC Neural Induction Medium can be differentiated into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes. Unique to Life Technologies, B-27® supplements are a powerful tool for NSC differentiation. Follow up differentiation experiments with tools from Molecular Probes® to measure neural cell health or primary antibodies to assess differentiated cells.


*B-27® is a registered trademark of Southern Illinois University