Microscopic view of fluorescently labeled differentiated neural stem cells (NCSs) 

A streamlined path to neural differentiation

  • High-efficiency neural induction in only seven days without EB formation
  • Generation of >20 million NSCs staring from 1 million PSCs
  • High-quality NSCs that can be cryopreserved, expanded, and differentiated
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"In this study, we report a highly efficient serum-free pluripotent stem cell neural induction medium that can induce hPSCs into primitive NSCs (pNSCs) in 7 days, obviating the need for time-consuming, laborious embryoid body generation or rosette picking."

—Publication referencing PSC Neural Induction Medium; Stem Cells Transl Med. 2013 Dec;2(12):1022.

PSC Neural Induction Medium workflow

diagrammed steps of PSC Neural Induction Medium workflow

A simple protocol is used to initiate PSC induction to neural stem cells in only 7 days.

The protocol can be viewed on left and includes:

  1. Prepare complete Neural Induction Medium
  2. Split and plate PSCs
  3. Add complete PSC Neural Induction Medium to culture
  4. Change medium every other day until cells reach maximal confluency (by day 6)
  5. Harvest NSCs

See the proof: neural differentiation using PSC Neural Induction Medium

Gibco PSC Neural Induction

Figure 1. Unlike existing methodologies, Gibco PSC Neural Induction Medium does not require the intermediary step of embryoid body (EB) formation which adds time, labor, and variability.

results from neural induction study showing expression of standard pluripotency markers

Figure 2. 80-90% neural induction efficiency.

Microscopic view of fluorescently labeled neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes following NSC differentiation using Neural Induction Medium

Figure 3. Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) generated using the Gibco PSC Neural Induction Medium have high expression of NSC markers and can be further differentiated into other neural cell types.

gene expression map of differentiated neural stem cells (NSCs) after neural induction

Figure 4. NSC differentiation gene expression profile (A): Expression of NSC-related genes and default regional identity of the sample population shown by a gene expression heat map generated by the R software. NSCs from pluripotent stem cell (PSC) origin expressed most of the NSC-related genes that are also expressed by fNSCs. Primitive NSCs expressed genes related to ventral hindbrain as in default. The gene expression data are log2 transformed. (B): Expression of select non-neural genes and identity of the sample population shown by gene expression heat map. NSCs from PSCs at passage 0 (P0) (pNSCp0) and expanded NSCs to P6 (pNSCp6), rdNSCs, and human fNSCs are included for comparison. The gene expression data are normalized (i.e., all genes have a mean of 0 and an SD of 1). Abbreviations: fNSC, fetal cortex-derived neural stem cell; NSC, neural stem cell; pNSCp0, NSCs on differentiation day 7 in neural induction medium; pNSCp6, pNSCp0 passaged six times; rdNSC, rosette-derived neural stem cell.

Transition seamlessly from pluripotent stem cells (PSC's) to neural stem cells (NSC's) to terminally differentiated neurons

Go from pluripotent stem cells to neurons in three easy steps:

  • Culture PSC's feeder free with Essential 8 Medium
  • Switch to PSC Neural Induction Medium to generate NSC's in seven days without the need for embryoid body (EB) formation
  • Differentiate NSC's to neurons, astrocytes, or oligodendrocytes with B-27 and N-2 supplements

diagram showing pluripotent stem cells differentiating into neural cells

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