CellModel Services---Stem-Cell Differentiation

Having relevant cellular models is essential to better understand disease biology and developing novel therapeutics.  

CellModel services allows you to take a patient derived pluripotent stem cell and differentiate it into a wide variety of terminal cell lineages. You can choose to provide your own PSCs, or have us reprogram your somatic cells into iPCSs for you. The choice is yours!

Benefits of the CellModels Differentiation Services:

  • Fast:  Obtain your terminally differentiated cells in 4–8 weeks.
  • Trusted Products:   Leverages our proprietary Gibco differentiation medias & products 
  • Quality: High-quality cells with robust expression of the expected genes
  • Support: Each project is supported by a dedicated team of project managers from start to finish

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Available Services

We offer differentiation services for the following cell types:

Neuronal Stem Cells (NSC’s)
Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons

We are continuously looking to expand our offering in differentiation.  If you do not see your desired cell type, send us an inquiry to discuss projects currently in development.

Process and Timeline

Stem cell differentiation projects are typically completed within 4-8 weeks of initiation.  Actual timelines will vary depending on the unique aspects of each project.

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Generate or receive PSC: Following receipt of the PSCs, the cell line is recovered expanded in the starting media conditions.  Adaptation to Essential 8 medium & Vitronectin (if not already done) maybe be required prior to starting differentiation.  

Differentiation: After the PSCs have recovered and the sample is shown to be free of contaminates, the differentiation process starts using our collection of proprietary Gibco differentiation medias and reagents.

Expand: Following specification, the cells are expanded in preparation for characterization and cryopreservation.  

Characterization & Bank: The differentiated cells are stained to confirm the expression of key markers to demonstrate the successful differentiation of the PSCs.  Following characterization, the cell lines are banked in preparation for shipment.

Deliver Cell Line: A report containing the final characterization results is drafted and provided to the customer along with the shipment of the cryopreserved cells.


Pricing is determined by the number of starting PSC lines desired/provided by the client, and the quantity of cryopreserved cells desired by the client upon completion of the differentiation project.

Optional Services

Choose from a number of additional services to customize your stem cell project, or continue your project with downstream applications.

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