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We have the custom capabilities and services you need for cell and gene therapy

From custom media services to single-use technologies, gene editing services and regulatory support, Thermo Fisher Scientific has the expertise and equipment to help you scale your research from clinical manufacturing to commercial supply.


Whether you’re developing a CAR-T therapy, another type of T cell immunotherapy, or working with other immune cell types, Gibco Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) products are the superior choice from research to clinic and beyond. We are committed to meeting your challenges with Gibco products and services customized to meet your specific needs. We offer full customization options to help meet your unique specifications for any project. From adding components to changing concentrations, choosing packaging and QC testing, flexibility is yours in creating your own Gibco cell culture media.

Gibco Media Express Services

Every cell culture project is unique. What can be better than the combination of reliable Gibco products and nimble, responsive custom service? Gibco Media Express is the ideal solution for:

  • Small-scale process development
  • Bench research for high-throughput screening, cell media research

Gibco Custom Media Configurator

Do you have a proprietary process that requires special adjustments? Our team can help you get the formulation you require. We offer full customization options to help meet your unique cell or gene therapy needs.

Spent media analysis and consultation

We can help you optimize your cell or gene therapy medium by analyzing media components as well as performing stability studies. We will measure amino acid and water-soluble vitamin levels, as well as other elements in media, to identify potential improvements to your media formulation and to address the nutrient needs in your unique cell culture system.

Gibco BioProduction Services

Gibco BioProduction Services is committed to enabling your path from discovery to commercial production. Our customized solutions will assist you in seamlessly getting there.


We offer custom buffers for chromatography resins designed to meet your specifications. Additionally, Thermo Fisher provides Water For Injection (WFI) in customized bag assemblies, offering superior solutions from one consistent supply partner.

Learn more about our custom liquid media, buffers, and process liquid formulations

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Single-use technologies

Cell and gene therapies are quickly advancing through the development stages, and an increasing number of therapies are in clinical trials and progressing to commercial approval. The more advanced the development process, the more important it is to establish a robust, repeatable and sustainable process. Single-use technology is perfect for the cell and gene therapy markets because it provides the flexibility required to establish new processes, while enabling standardization of processes at multiple scales later on.

We have partnered with cell and gene therapy developers for many years. Along with our cell culture, purification and analytics solutions, we offer the expertise, service and solutions you need for your process independent of cell line.

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Custom Purification Resin

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers custom chromatography solutions to purify complex molecules that aren’t easily processed using off-the-shelf solutions. We are an industry leader in the development of custom affinity ligands, manufacture of resins, and in supplying material at bioprocessing scale. Supply chain and program management along with our multiple manufacturing sites help us to ensure security of supply for our customers.

Custom resins provide maximum process efficiency because they deliver high purity, high yield, high titers and superior resolution in fewer downstream processing steps. Reducing process steps and delivering high yields can result in significant cost savings. Additionally, we provide regulatory support and documentation for your GMP manufacturing process.

Custom chromatography and purification solutions for gene therapy manufacturing

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Our advanced genome and cell engineering services enable you to move toward your next discovery. We offer end-to-end services to support every step for genome editing and cell engineering. From designing and synthesizing, to validating your genome editing projects, our dedicated scientists and technical support specialists partner with you to ensure that the result is ready to accelerate your research.

Learn more about our chromatography and purification solutions

Enabling late-stage development and commercial supply

As your products enter pivotal clinical trials, we can assist with accelerating innovation and enhancing productivity, while providing security for high-quality continuity of supply. We have the capabilities to solve workflow challenges, and the integrative technologies to enable development and commercialization of gene, transcriptional, and cell therapy products.

Global supply chain management services

From customized packaging and labeling to secure cold chain storage and transportation of patient samples, drugs and cell lines, we deliver end-to-end supply chain management solutions for the cell and gene therapy industry. Whether we are executing perfectly timed studies or preventing costly rework and deviations, no one knows more about de-risking every part of your supply chain than Thermo Fisher Scientific.  In everything we do, we are motivated by a shared mission: there’s always a patient waiting.

Learn more about our custom cell collection kits, qualified fleet of dry vapor shippers, GMP storage solutions, secondary packaging and labeling services, specialty courier services, and global distribution network. 

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Custom Services Viral Vector Services

From process development to commercial supply, we offer the viral vector expertise necessary to help customers deliver innovative cell and gene therapies. Viral Vector Services provides process and analytical development along with clinical and commercial supply of viral vectors for in vivo gene therapy and ex vivo gene-modified cell therapy. Brammer Bio brings over 12 years of experience, we accelerate transition from the development laboratory to patients through pre-clinical and clinical development to commercial approval, while meeting cGMP standards and industry expectations with high integrity. We are enabling biopharma customers to deliver breakthrough medicines to patients by unleashing the potential of gene therapy.

We have completed over 100 projects using a variety of manufacturing technologies resulting in the delivery of over 150 lots of clinical trial material and are preparing to produce multiple commercial products in the next two years.

The design of our cGMP-compliant, multi-product facilities and use of single-use equipment allows maximum flexibility for project scheduling while ensuring product quality. As we strive to exceed expectations, our collaborative approach ensures that our clients are involved, engaged, and well informed throughout the project.

Viral vectors are complex and require deep expertise to analyze and manufacture. Brammer Bio has long established this capability. Combined with Thermo Fisher’s GMP production expertise, we are uniquely positioned to partner with our customers to drive the evolution of this incredibly fast-growing market.



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