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The manufacture of complex biotherapeutics requires novel purification strategies, which may not always exist. Our custom ligand and chromatography resin services enable the development of innovative purification resins, providing a solution for challenging downstream processes.

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Chromatography services to meet your specific needs

Through our custom chromatography services, we can design custom affinity ligands and custom resins to solve your purification challenges. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers has a successful track record in resin development, scale-up, and commercialization. Partnering with us will provide you:

  • Custom prototype resin that solves your manufacturing challenges
  • Scale-up and commercial production of the customized resin to lot sizes of 250L in a GMP facility
  • Regulatory support documentation of your custom resin used in regulated environments
  • World-class application support that has been developing and manufacturing chromatography resins for more than two decades
Scientist working in the lab using custom affinity resins.
Custom affinity ligand/resin

Our CaptureSelect affinity resins utilize single-chain antibodies resulting in high specificity and a high degree of purification in a single step. By offering a simplified workflow, product purity and yield increases and helps reduce manufacturing time and costs.

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Scientist working in the lab using custom POROS resins for bioseparation.
Custom POROS Resins

Our POROS technology is used for high-performance, high-throughput bioseparation. These resins demonstrate exceptionally high binding capacity, high greater resolution, and better salt tolterance all over a broad range of operating flow rates. The resulting simplified workflow, increases product purity and yield, and helps reduce manufacturing time and cost.

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Custom chromatography technical resources

Webinar spotlight

Cover of BioProcess International: Ask The Expert case study.

Enabling Custom Solutions for Downstream Processing for Future Therapies: AAV Case Study

Innovative purification resins have been developed through the POROS custom resin program and CaptureSelect ligand technology in close collaboration with our customers for manufacture of novel molecules, including RNA and DNA oligomers as well as viral vectors and other novel protein therapeutics, for which there was no standard purification strategy.  This combination of our core competencies in ligand and resin development has allowed for development of platform purification processes that increase productivity and improve product yield.

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Scientific Posters

Scientific poster outlining Thermo Fisher Scientific custom downstream processing services.

Enabling custom solutions for downstream processing

Here we present custom downstream processing solutions, developed in close collaboration with our customers, including a case study covering the single step purification of prothrombin. Custom resin production can start with affinity ligand development or with existing affinity ligands provided by the customer.  

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Scientific poster outlining various applications for C-tag affinity tags.

C-tag affinity tag, from routine protein purification to use in a cGMP production process

Epitope tagging is a technique that employs genetic engineering to fuse a known epitope, called an affinity tag, to either the C or N terminus of a recombinant protein. Although the use of an affinity tag simplifies the purification and detection of proteins, the tag can alter functionality and stability of the expressed protein and negatively impact final production yields. C-tag is a versatile and user-friendly affinity tag, overcoming the current challenges and limitations of tags in protein purification and detection.

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Scientific publications

Cover of scientific publication discussing Camelid VHH affinity ligands.

Camelid VHH affinity ligands enable separation of closely related biopharmaceuticals

In this work we describe custom affinity chromatography development using camelid VHH antibody fragments as “tunable” immunoaffinity ligands for separation of product-related impurities. One example demonstrates high selectivity for a recombinant immunotoxin where no binding was observed for an undesired deamidated species. Also discussed is affinity purification of a coagulation factor through specific recognition of the gamma-carboxylglutamic acid domain.

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Bioprocessing resources

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, posters, white papers and more for bioprocessing:

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