Cell Therapy Research
Your work holds the potential to deliver life-changing treatments. Our mission is to help you succeed by providing high-quality materials, services, and support to help you translate your cell therapy from discovery to clinical research and commercial manufacturing.

Discovery and translation

cell therapy manufacturing
Our extensive experience and portfolio in bioprocessing gives you the power you need to scale up.

Clinical trial assistance and cold chain logistics
clinical trial assistance and cold chain logistics
We'll partner with you in every stage of development—from early phase clinical trials through phase III, licensure, and global commercial distribution. Our storage and logistics expertise, combined with validated procedures and global infrastructure, allow us to meet the specific requirements of your advanced therapy products.

Cell growth & protection equipment
Scientist working with Thermo Scientific Cell Locker Incubator System
Laboratory equipment designed to support discovery from modification, to detection, analysis and storage. Leverage our integrated solutions across the cell culture workflow.

Product characterization
cell therapy characterization and analysis
Help ensure safety and efficacy of your cell therapy product with our comprehensive suite of in-process and release testing solutions.