Software and Data Management for Clinical Research & Toxicology

Connecting your data to transform your clinical research and toxicology laboratory

From discovery to quantitation, biomarker discovery to identification of unknowns, clinical research and toxicology applications, our software solutions do more than just securely acquire, analyze, process and manage your data. They enable you to accelerate your scientific discoveries and streamline lab operations. Do more with our innovative laboratory data management and analysis solutions.

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Data processing software & mass spectral libraries

Simplify your MS analyses with our integrated software platforms and extensive, searchable libraries.

B-Link® LIS/LIMS CONNECTOR is a middleware software solution that can facilitate bidirectional communication between acquisition/data processing software and the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

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B-Link LIS Interface

Comparisons of software for clinical research & toxicology

  TraceFinder softwareChromeleon CDSCompound Discoverer software
Known knownsExpected compounds – typically want to quantitate 
Known unknownsKnown unknowns Compounds suspected to be present 
Unknown KnownsUnexpected compounds, known and can be identified
Unknown unknownsUnexpected compounds not in any database  

For General Lab Use Only – Not For Diagnostic Procedures