Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) simplifies your laboratory workflow combining all separation and detection techniques, including mass spectrometry (MS), into a single compliance-ready enterprise (client/server) environment. By extending software beyond chromatography, it delivers full control for many MS systems from single quadrupole, through triple quadrupole, to high resolution accurate mass (HRAM). It also provides compliant tuning for the latest MS instruments, instrument calibration, and a host of MS productivity tools.

This merges the benefits of Chromeleon CDS with leading Thermo Scientific MS instrumentation and application expertise, answering the rapidly growing demand for using MS instruments in quantitative analysis for higher sensitivity and richer detection capabilities.

Built for MS. Built for compliance. Why compromise?

What are users saying?
"We are a customer that has made the transition from Atlas to Chromeleon. Our most recent success is getting a new MS setup for our VOC analysis. It's been working better than ever! Shout out to the Chromeleon team. They are top-notch and always available to help us out."

- ND Department of Environmental Quality

Superior MS data processing and automation capabilities

Superior MS data processing and automation capabilities

  • One software to control your LC-MS, GC-MS or IC-MS system
  • Benefit from a comprehensive suite of MS-specific productivity tools
  • Targeted peptide mapping and intact protein deconvolution capabilities
  • MS-specific data views, detection algorithms, and reporting tools to streamline analysis
  • Leverage eWorkflow procedures to create and run analyses on your MS instrumentation in only two mouse clicks
Dedicated support for MS-driven applications

Dedicated support for MS-driven applications

Take advantage of MS-specific workflows with a strong focus on data integrity, compliance, and quantitative analysis. Key focus areas include:

Connect your laboratory

Connect your laboratory

Benefit from one set of methods, reports, and a centralized location for all your chromatography and MS data. Seamless import and export capabilities for platforms such as Thermo Scientific Xcalibur and Thermo Scientific BioPharma Finder Software, with extended export ability for additional data processing requirements to Thermo Scientific Compound Discoverer Software and many third-party packages.

Compliant MS

Compliant MS

Leverage gold standard GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for your MS instruments and data. Compliant instrument tuning and control, with secure logon, audit-trails covering all actions and full version control as standard. Chromeleon CDS makes it easier to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance for all your MS workflows.

Boosting productivity of monoclonal antibody development

Used by Symphogen for over 20 years, Chromeleon Software provides an easy-to-use, unified platform that streamlines laboratory operations, including acquisition, processing, review, and reporting of data.

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Compliance-ready MS. Chromeleon CDS: Customer perspectives

Discover from industry leaders their perspectives on how Chromeleon software enhances the efficiency of their chromatography and MS workflows, while providing comprehensive compliance capabilities.

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