Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography with Eluent Generation (RFIC-EG)

Just add water to generate eluent

Dionex ion chromatography products continue to be innovative and incorporate an expanding set of capabilities to increase the power of ion analysis. Advances in eluent generation and electrolytic suppression technologies are enabling a wider variety of applications and increased productivity. Our reagent-free IC (RFIC) systems with eluent generation (RFIC-EG) combine automated eluent generators and electrolytically regenerated suppressors to electrolytically create the required eluents and regenerants used for IC applications. Plumb in a clean source of deionized water, and the RFIC-EG system takes care of the rest. See below to learn more.

What is RFIC-EG?

Systems with reagent-free IC eluent generation (RFIC-EG) automatically generate high-purity hydroxide, carbonate, bicarbonate, or methanesulfonic acid (MSA) eluents electrolytically using Dionex EGC Eluent Generation Cartridges. All that’s needed on an RFIC-EG system is a high-purity source of deionized water. The system will automatically generate eluent at the concentration you indicate for use in isocratic or gradient methods. Interestingly, this means that gradient analyses can be accomplished using an isocratic pump. Eluent is purified inline using the Dionex CR-TC Continuously Regenerated Trap Column, and suppressed electrolytically before detection without the need to prepare regenerants.

Learn how this reagent-free capability produces consistent ion chromatographic results day-to-day, lab-to-lab.

Eluent generation

Choose the consistency and labor savings you need

Since the advent of ion chromatography, eluent choice has been one of the key factors affecting the usability and performance of IC systems. Today, there is probably a standard eluent for your application, but you still have a lot of choices that affect usability. Read on to discover some of the considerations when choosing how to prepare your eluent or watch the educational video, below.

What systems have RFIC-EG capabilities?

  • RFIC-EG capabilities are integrated in the Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC, ICS-4000 Capillary IC, and Integrion RFIC systems.
  • Other Dionex ICS systems can be configured for RFIC-EG by adding the Dionex RFC-30 Reagent-Free Controller.
  • Dionex Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software is required to control RFIC-EG system operations. 

What are the advantages of RFIC-EG?

Most apparently, RFIC-EG saves time and labor. However, generating eluent electrolytically also makes IC simpler, more powerful, and more reliable. Compared to manual eluent preparation, RFIC-EG provides superior results by preventing baseline shift, increasing sensitivity, improving resolution, and ensuring consistent peak integration. It also makes your system more reliable.

  • Eliminates manual preparation of eluents or regenerants
    • Saves time
    • Eliminates errors and variability from manual eluent preparation
    • Reduces operator exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Improves analytical consistency and reproducibility, day-to-day, system-to-system, lab-to-lab
    • Always On, Always Ready
    • Eliminates start-up or equilibration time
    • Provides uniform, highly stable eluent concentrations
    • Generates highly reproducible results, with little variability in peak retention times or areas
  • Reduces the need for calibration
    • Verify system performance quickly just by running a check standard.
  • Enables gradient separation with an isocratic pump
  • Uses only 15mL water/day translates into 5.2L water/year
  • Reduces pump maintenance; pump is only exposed to only deionized (DI) water
  • Supports capillary-scale flow rates to reduce eluent and EGC consumption

How does RFIC-EG work?

Inside the Dionex EGC III KOH Eluent Generator cartridge

RFIC-EG system schematic

RFIC-EG system schematic

With a Dionex EGC Cartridge installed, just add water to electrolytically produce high-purity hydroxide, carbonate, or methanesulfonic acid eluents for isocratic and gradient runs. Eluents are purified online using the Dionex CR-TC Continuously Regenerated Trap Columns. This line of trap columns removes contaminants, thereby eliminating trace ionic impurities, such as carbonate, from the eluent stream. The traps eliminate the need for off-line cleanup procedures. The Dionex CR-ATC and Dionex CR-CTC trap columns are for removing anionic and cationic contaminants, respectively. Eluents are suppressed electrolytically just prior to detection, thereby eliminating the need to prepare regenerants.

What eluent generator cartridges are available?

What Thermo Scientific Dionex EGC Eluent Generator Cartridges to Use
 Gradient or Isocratic Hydroxide EGIsocratic Carbonate EGIsocratic Carbonate/ Bicarbonate EGGradient or Isocratic MSA EG
Dionex Integrion RFICDionex EGC 500 KOH or EGC III KOH, NaOH+, LiOH+Dionex EGC 500 K2CO3Dionex EGC 500 K2CO3 + EPM 500Dionex ECG 500 MSA or EGC III MSA Cartridge
Dionex ICS-6000Dionex EGC 500 KOH or EGC III KOH, NaOH+, LiOH+Dionex EGC 500 K2CO3Dionex EGC 500 K2CO3 + EPM 500Dionex ECG 500 MSA or EGC III MSA Cartridge
Dionex ICS-4000 and Dionex ICS-6000 CapillaryDionex EGC KOH (Capillary)Not availableNot availableDionex EGC MSA (Capillary)
Dionex RFC-30Dionex EGC III KOHNot availableNot availableDionex EGC III MSA
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