Soil Analysis

A broad range of soil analysis techniques

We offer a full spectrum of analytical technologies, and  sample clean up and moisture extraction reagents, designed to provide reliable, accurate, and precise results that make compliance easier and help you reduce regulatory risks.

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Featured soil analysis categories

Obtain reliable and high-throughput nitrogen and carbon analysis from our organic analyzers to help determine the organic matter in soil for evaluation of fertilizer application.

Use ICP-OES to analyze metal elements by EPA SW846 Method 6010 or other methods. Some metal elements in soils are essential for plant growth while others threaten human health.

Use this portable instrument for field detection of metal nutrients and contaminants by U.S. EPA Method 6200. XRF provides a reliable reference value for ICP-OES detection.

Our discrete analyzers automate photometric and electrochemical analysis providing fast, reproducible results that allow laboratories to measure multiple analytes simultaneously, while reducing total analysis and operator time.

Coupled with sample preparation tools, GC and GC-MS are the primary tools used for analyzing organic contaminants and other important soil contaminants.

This powerful sample preparation system efficiently extracts soil contaminants at high pressure and temperature, providing high recovery and sample reproducibility.

Techniques routinely used for soil analysis

 Organic element analyzerDiscrete analyzerICAccelerated Solvent ExtractionGC & GC-MSX-ray FluorescenceICP-OES & ICP-MS
Nutrient Analysis
Metal Contaminants
Inorganic Anions
Organic Contaminants