Cloud-Based Technologies for Mass Spectrometry

Connecting your laboratory to drive more insights from your data

Cloud-based technologies, including mass spectrometry analysis software, are becoming more prevalent in laboratories. These technologies can connect pieces of hardware, access the latest information to aid in processing large and complex datasets and obtain deeper insights into our data, both faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Discover how these technologies can facilitate instrument management to optimize utilization, allow remote access to check data acquisition, streamline problem solving and increase system uptime through instrument diagnostic sharing with Thermo Fisher Scientific service and support.

When it comes to making the most of your data, having access to the most up-to-date information ensures that you can dig deeper into your data and reveal new information, realizing the true value of your data and the actionable insights it contains.

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Small molecule identification is challenging, especially for many applications where reference standards are not available or easily accessed. Comprehensive mass spectral fragmentation libraries can provide the necessary confidence to identify compounds through a spectral match, fragment ion match, isotopic patterns or even ratios of fragment ions.

Covering a wide range of small molecule applications, the extensive structural and chemical diversity of mzCloud, ensures absolute confidence in any unknown identifications.

Making use of exhaustive high-resolution MS/MS and multi-stage MSn spectra, combined with extensive metadata, mzCloud offers the world’s largest (in terms of total spectra and data per compound) and most extensively curated mass spectral library and delivers powerful unknown identification capabilities.

Each mass spectrum has been filtered, recalibrated, averaged and fully structurally annotated. In addition to this high-quality data, each MSn fragmentation spectra have been acquired at various collision energies, for multiple adducts, with collision induced and higher energy collisional dissociation. The power of mzCloud comes alive when combined with mzLogic.

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Key benefits of mzCloud mass spectral database

Confidence for unknown identificationKnow more unknownsFrom spectra to structureFlexibility for research and routine applications
Comprehensive curation of all library content, with extensive, fully annotated and searchable fragmentation spectra, provides confidence in your results.Identify unknowns with automated deconvolution and library searching against extensive fragmentation spectra covering a wide chemical space, including small molecule applicationsWith solutions to cover infusion or LC-MS, nominal or high-resolution data, you can be sure that your MSn spectra will provide you with actionable results, even when there is no spectral library matchAccess mzCloud directly through the Thermo Scientific Compound Discoverer or Thermo Scientific Mass Frontier software. Not online? mzVault provides you with the ability to perform off-line spectral library searching
Identify more unknowns with MSn and SubTree search

More unknowns can be confidently identified with MSn and substructure spectral matching, utilizing the full power of structure retrieval from online databases or user provided structures.

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Additionally, documenting system maintenance and other relevant information within the instrument logbook allows quick understanding of important recent activities such as calibration events for your laboratory analysts, who can also use Almanac to schedule instrument access time, maximizing system utilization.

Should something go wrong with your instrument, then "push to service" bundles all pertinent device-specific documents required by support teams to more efficiently address reported concerns (without sending any raw data, sample or personal information), reducing the time taken to accurately diagnose the issue and maximizing instrument uptime.

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Key benefits of Almanac mass spectrometry cloud-based monitoring

Keep your laboratory moving, even when you are on the goUnderstand your system’s history and what is happening in real-timeMaximize instrument uptime
A busy laboratory does not have to be a challenge and should not require you to be present all of the time. Almanac enables users to schedule instrument access, view what is currently being acquired, and set up real-time notifications when sample sets have finished acquisition or if there is an error. Take control of your laboratory and data analysis, no matter where you are in the world.Being able to check when your instrument was last calibrated or serviced, or if your colleagues have left you an all-important notice doesn’t have to rely on a lab book, or a scrap of paper.

The instrument logbook records common user events and automatically enters them, allows service annotations and analysts to enter free text, add images and documentations so there doesn’t need to be any ambiguity as to the activity on the system.
When something doesn’t seem right, or there is a system error, it can be difficult to diagnose yourself or to obtain all of the relevant information for support teams to accurately diagnose the issue.

Now you have the option to share relevant instrument parameters and settings with our support teams when you place a call without sending any of your raw data or sample/personal information. This information better equips our service personnel to diagnose potential issues, and reduces the amount of time that your system may be unavailable.
Easily view your instruments' current status

Easily view your instruments’ current status using a mobile phone or desktop computer to check batch progress and remaining time to complete. Set up e-mail alerts to notify you of batch completion or if something goes wrong.

Connect your lab to drive more insights from your data

Connect your lab to drive more insights from your data

Small molecule characterization and identification clouding your decision making? Cloud-based technologies, including mass spectrometry analysis software, are becoming more prevalent in laboratories.

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