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Our LC-MS data processing software ensures that data analysis is not a limiting factor in your laboratory. We offer application-specific packages, covering fields from -omics and pharmaceuticals to routine quantitative applications, to meet your challenges and deliver the insights that allow you to make informed decisions and drive your discoveries forward. Transform your data into actionable knowledge with reliability and confidence, even for the most challenging analyses.

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Whether you are working on a small-molecule pharmaceutical or the next blockbuster biotherapeutic, each stage of the development pipeline is unique. From discovery, development, and clinical studies, to manufacturing and quality control, our innovative LC-MS software can bring your life-changing therapeutics to market faster. Discover our latest packages for pharma and biopharma, including support for multi-attribute method (MAM) workflows and compliance-ready intact mass analysis.

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Academic research

Learn how our LC-MS software solutions are tailor-made to deliver real value applications from multi-omics (proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics and glycomics), environmental, food and beverage, clinical and forensics, and pharma/biopharma to general analytical services.

Food and beverages

From food and beverage analytical testing to authenticity analysis, having the correct tools to deliver accurate, reliable answers is critical. Our software tools speed targeted analyses and investigate unknowns, so analysts can maintain their focus on ensuring consumer safety.

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Mass spectrometry drives the development of new screening and clinically relevant tests and also supports the development of targeted therapeutics. Bridging the gap from discovery to verification and validation requires high-performing instruments and tailored software, as well as sophisticated skills in MS-based biomarker discovery and method development for biomarker verification.

Scientist handling a vial of blood

The forensic landscape is constantly changing and the need to confidently identify unknowns rapidly has never been greater, especially with the rise of compounds such as designer drugs. Innovation in LC-MS software, allows you to stay ahead of the game in areas from screening and confirmation of known compounds and identification of unknowns to forensic research and anti-doping.

Water and grasses

We provide a range of LC-MS software solutions that provide reliable, accurate and precise results ensuring that analysts can confidently monitor and identify compounds that pose a threat to the environment using qualitative and quantitative assays, while meeting the requirements of today and tomorrow with ease and efficiency.

Mass Frontier Spectral Interpretation software complements the capabilities of our Compound Discoverer software to confidently transform in-depth MSn data into structures with comprehensive structural identification using extensive, high-quality fragmentation libraries. It also allows you to curate your own high-quality spectral libraries to increase your knowledge of detected compounds and use the latest structural detection algorithms for confident detection of new and emerging contaminants.

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