Reducing the barrier to productivity: Operational simplicity

Targeted research and routine applications demand fast and responsive instrument control software, with intuitive operations. Predefined method templates with integration to databases, including the Thermo Scientific mzCloud database, enable targeted quantitation method creation based on empirical knowledge. Also, direct method transfer from previous TSQ Fortis mass spectrometers can be loaded and operated without optimization.

Experimental determination of dwell times assigned to transitions is automated based on user-defined chromatographic peak width, with the option of fixed cycle time or optimal number of data points per chromatographic peak. Prioritization settings allow further adjustments. 

Speed with selectivity and sensitivity

Achieve superior acquisition speeds on the TSQ Fortis Plus mass spectrometer, which can acquire 600 SRMs/sec and when combined with a new power supply enables 5 ms polarity switching and allows the required number of data points to be acquired for expanded number of target compounds, even with ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) separation.

The TSQ Fortis Plus mass spectrometer delivers excellent quantitative performance in both selected reaction monitoring (SRM) and high-resolution selected reaction monitoring (H-SRM) for fit-for-purpose selectivity. The enhanced active Q2 collision cell improves product ion transmission, especially for low-mass product ions, which can increase detection efficiency.

Expanded experimental capabilities

Integrated workflow solutions centered on the TSQ Fortis Plus mass spectrometer address regulated requirements targeting a growing list of diverse compounds. New UHPLC and high performance ion chromotagraphy (HPIC) systems maximize sample delivery and separation capabilities, maintaining the sensitivity to meet minimum residue limits without costly sample preparation or derivatization steps. The Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) controls all experimental attributes in a regulated environment to further drive productivity.

Robust and reliable quantitation

Innovative designs in the ion source, neutral blocker, and mass analyzers maintain optimal performance while maximizing instrument uptime. The ion transfer tube enables simple extraction and cleaning in minutes, without breaking the instrument vacuum or requiring instrument calibration. New integrated instrument performance checks and calibration routine reduce manual interaction, maximizing data acquisition and instrument productivity.

As we identify chemicals that pose environmental and health risks, it is critical to find effective and responsive solutions for routine quantitation to address current and emerging regulations. Your quantitative solutions must address a wide range of analytical requirements to screen and quantitate low-level chemical contaminants. These compounds and methods are diverse, requiring integrated solutions to respond quickly and confidently while meeting regulations.

It is crucial to ensure safety and compliance for the world’s food supply, which is processed in different environments and under different regulations. Differences in pesticide development and implementation, as well as transportation and handling, make it complicated. It is important to develop workflow solutions to address current testing requirements, emerging threats, and regulations. The TSQ Fortis Plus mass spectrometer provides next-level performance to address these challenges.

Thermo Scientific workflows provide innovative solutions to help meet the demanding need of clinical, forensic, and translational research. Combined with effective front-end solutions, the TSQ Fortis Plus mass spectrometer delivers confident data.

Reliance on targeted quantitation workflows is a critical element for large- and small-molecule drug development, manufacturing, and quality control. Due to the wide range of drug types and testing, LC-MS/MS workflows must address sensitivity, selectivity, and throughput concerns with easy-to-use methods that are robust and transferrable. The TSQ Fortis Plus mass spectrometer delivers required sensitivity and reproducibility needed to analyze large study sizes. It is also a vital part of the comprehensive Thermo Scientific solution containing market-leading UHPLC and software solutions.

Connect your laboratory to drive more insights from your data

Thermo Fisher Connect Platform is part of our full suite of digital capabilities for secure, cloud-based data storage, scientific analysis apps, and peer collaboration tools. In addition, our asset management tools allow you to remotely schedule time on your lab’s instruments and monitor your run via your mobile device.

Using Thermo Fisher Connect, it’s easy to connect, save, and synchronize your files to your secure, personal account, which includes 1 TB of free storage. Peer and document collaboration tools enable secure group collaboration.

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