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Industrial FTIR Spectrometers

Find FTIR spectrometers designed for harsh industrial environments. Use dedicated instruments as at-line analyzers to monitor gases, liquids or films. Continuously measure mixed components found in exhaust emissions, polymer additives, and chemicals from industrial processes.

Antaris IGS FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet iG50 FTIR Spectrometer

See it. Scan it. Solve it.

With point-and-shoot simplicity, the new Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN5 FTIR microscope provides fast, easy identification of contaminants and defects that affect product quality.  Walk-up and use operation gives you answers in minutes. 

  • Easy – as simple to use as a stereo microscope
  • Fast – point-and-shoot operation for fast answers
  • Reliable – built for years of worry-free operation

Ideal for the demands of the busy QA/QC lab, the Nicolet iN5 microscope will provide years of reliable operation across multiple users and products.

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iN5 FTIR microscope