Infrared microscopy with confidence

Infrared microscopy with confidence

You no longer need to be an expert microscopist to evaluate even the smallest samples. Our intuitive microscopy solutions are designed to quickly provide answers with the confidence you need. Discover our microscopy family designed to characterize microscopic samples for quality control, analytical services, research or academia for the analysis of a wide variety of materials such as food, pharmaceuticals, polymers, packaging, coatings, chemicals, and textiles.

Solve your microscopy challenges with our versatile family of FTIR microscopes

See it, scan it and solve it with the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN5 FTIR Microscope. With point-and-use simplicity, the instrument provides fast identification of small contaminants and defects to help prevent downstream quality problems.


Expand your analytical capabilities from micro samples to bulk analysis with the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 Infrared Microscope.This stand-alone instrument easily integrates into your laboratory, and provides fast analysis of a variety of materials to experts and non-experts alike.

Nicolet iN10 MX Infrared Imaging Microscope

Quickly analyze large sample areas to extract chemical and physical information with the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 MX Infrared Imaging Microscope. Engineered for chemical imaging analysis, this instrument delivers complete sample information, including compound distributions and physical properties, from materials in complex matrices.

The Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope offers innovative microscope technology to help specialists and novice users alike quickly analyze samples across many industries such as pharma, microplastics, forensics, etc. From the state-of-the-art mainframe and heavy-duty sampling stage to the well-developed software platform, this research-grade microscope helps you get answers in microns and minutes.

Thermo Scientific microscope accessories enable you to obtain excellent quality spectra. Our fixed compensation condensers and objectives improve transmission/reflectance measurements, and variable compensation condensers and objectives correct for spherical aberrations caused by infrared windows above or below the sample.