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All Thermo Scientific FTIR spectrometers are now cloud-enabled, so you can view and share data anytime, anywhere.

Use Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to

  • Identify unknown materials (e.g., Forensics, Art restoration, Counterfeit testing) 
  • Conduct contaminant analysis (e.g., Analytical Services, Gemology) 
  • Reverse engineer new products (e.g., Materials Science research) 
  • Verify chemical structure and mixture compositions (e.g., Quality Assurance)

Nicolet Summit X & PRO
FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet Apex
FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet iS50
FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet iS50R
FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet iG50
FTIR Spectrometer

Spectral rangeMid-IRMid-IRFar-IR, Mid-IR, Near-IR, VisibleFar-IR, Mid-IR, Near-IR, VisibleDedicated Far-, Mid-, or Near-IR
Automated range changingNoNo Yes (ABX option)Yes (ABX option)No
Signal to Noise ⱡX 35,000:1; PRO 40,000:150,000:1>50,000:1>50,000:1>50,000:1
Spectral resolution (cm-1)X 0.6; PRO 0.450.25<0.09<0.09<0.25 
Scan modesLinearLinearLinear, Dual Channel optionLinear, Dual Channel, Step-Scan, TRSResearch Grade
Number of external ports01441
Available accessories (details below)◊
  • Everest ATR and iD series accessories
  • Compatible with major third party accessories
  • Smart accessories
  • Full-size sample compartment
  • Compatible with major third party accessories
  • Microscopy, TGA-IR
  • Smart accessories
  • Full-size sample compartment
  • Compatible with major third party accessories
  • Microscopy, TGA-IR, NIR
  • Built-in ATR
  • Smart accessories
  • Full-size sample compartment
  • Compatible with major third party accessories
  • Microscopy, GC-IR, TGA-IR, NIR, PM-IRRS, VCD, TRS*
  • Built-in ATR
On-line, in-line, at-line sampling
Use environmentPortable and LaboratoryLaboratoryLaboratoryLaboratoryManufacturing 
ASTM, EP/JP/USP, 21CFR-P11 ComplianceYesYesYesYesYes
Microsampling (spatial resolution)100 microns10 micron10 micron10 micron and monolayer coatingsNone

Process Analysis    

Materials Research  


Analytical Support & Forensics 


Quality Control


Diamond ATREverest Diamond ATRSmart iTX Diamond ATRBuilt-in Diamond ATRBuilt-in Diamond ATRCustomizable
MicrosamplingSurveyIR MicrospectroscopyNicolet iN5 Microscope
Nicolet RaptIR+ FTIR Microscope
Nicolet RaptIR/RaptIR+ FTIR MicroscopesNicolet RaptIR/RaptIR+ FTIR MicroscopesCustomizable
Gas SamplingYesYesYesYesNone
Near-IR ModuleNicolet iS5N FT-NIR spectrometerSmart Integrating SphereNIR Integrating Sphere & Probe ModuleNIR Integrating Sphere & Probe ModuleNo
TGA-IR ModuleNoTGA-IR ModuleTGA-IR ModuleTGA-IR ModuleNo
Automated Beamsplitter Exchanger (ABX)NoNoBuilt-in ABXBuilt-in ABXNo
Raman ModuleNoNoYesYesNo
GC-IR ModuleNoNoYesYesNo
Advanced experiments   PM-IRRAS, VCD, Step-Scan, TRS* 

* PM-IRRAS = Polarization modulation-infrared reflection-adsorption spectroscopy
     VCD = Vibrational circular dichroism
     TRS = Time-resolved spectroscopy

ⱡ SNR in one minute, 4 cm-1 resolution, Blackman-Harris Apodization

Industries where FTIR provides definitive answers:

Polymers & Plastics ● Pharmaceutical ● Automotive ● Energy Storage ● Food & Beverage ● Cosmetics ● Cement & Construction ● Forensics ● Nanomaterials ● Paper & Paints ● Art Restoration


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