All elements in one measurement

The high light throughput optics combined with the charge injection device detector, the CID821, ensure the shortest possible analysis times. When using the iFR analysis mode, the complete spectrum is captured in one measurement, making the analysis time even shorter.

Advanced performance

For the most demanding applications that require the highest sensitivity in the UV region of the spectrum to determine elements such as mercury, antinomy, and lead, the eUV analysis mode enhances the sensitivity, ensuring regulations for toxic elements are easily met.

Shortest analysis time

Experience high-speed analysis of your trace elemental samples with the Thermo Scientific iCAP PRO XPS ICP-OES. It meets your specific regulatory requirements with unmatched throughput and versatility.

Plasma viewVertical Radial or Vertical Duo
Start-up time5 minutes (from standby)
Wavelength rangeiFR mode 167.021 nm - 852.145 nm
eUV mode 167.021 nm - 240.063 nm
Resolution at 200 nm7 pm
RF source radial and duo750 to 1600 W
Gas flow controlsVariable MFC
Plasma gas0 to 20 L/min
Auxiliary gas0 to 2 L/min
Nebulizer gas0.0 to 1.5 L/min
Additional gas 0 - 0.25 L/min
Sample throughput Medium to highVery high

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