Superior detection

These ICP-OES systems incorporate easy-to-use software and multi-element detection technology far superior to that of single-element AAS and multi-element microwave plasma techniques.

Ease of use

Several optimized settings are defined as standard, making these instruments ideal for users new to the technique or those who require a simple solution for multi-elemental analysis.


The new vertical torch design ensures high-matrix robustness for a range of sample types and the intelligent Full Range (iFR) analysis mode measures the entire wavelength range in one measurement, simplifying method development and analysis without compromising sensitivity or accuracy.

Plasma viewVertical Radial or Vertical Duo
Start-up time1 hour (from off)15 minutes (from standby)
Wavelength rangeiFR mode 167.021 nm - 852.145 nm with full spectrum capture
Resolution at 200 nm7 pm
RF source radial and duo1150 W750, 1150 or 1350 W
Gas flow controlsOptimized MFC
Plasma gasFixed at 12.5 L/minFixed, optimized at 8.5, 12.5 or 14.5 L/min
Auxiliary gasFixed at 0.5 L/minSelectable 0.5, 1 or 1.5 L/min
Nebulizer gas0.3 to 0.8 L/min0 to 1.5 L/min


iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES Product Tour
iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES System product tour

Are you curious to see what our iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES Systems look like close up? We've designed a 3D product tour to help you explore these systems in a self-guided manner. Embedded in each tour are videos, literature, and detailed descriptions of key features and capabilities.

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iSC-65 Autosampler

Learn how the iSC-65 Autosampler offers exceptional performance in streamlining workflows and sample throughput.

The Thermo Scientific iSC-65 Autosampler is a workhorse partner of the iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES. It has been designed with reliability from the ground up to ensure all samples are analyzed the first time.

  • Efficiency and productivity: The iSC-65 Autosampler allows sample-specific probe depths, avoiding unnecessary reruns due to blocked sample introduction systems. With the advanced Step Ahead feature, the autosampler probe is sent to rinse while data is still being acquired, using sample in the probe line to complete the analysis. 
  • Durable and robust design: Acid-resistant construction ensures confident sampling as well as longevity and robust operation in laboratory environments.
  • Visual feedback: Through LED lighting, provides clear, easy-to-see visual feedback at a distance on autosampler and analysis run status for technicians in crowded laboratories.
  • Software integration: Native Qtegra ISDS Software plugin allows user to control all automation parameters, including alignment, individual depth locations, pump speed, XYZ movement speeds, and direction of sampling sequences.
  • Unattended analyses: With the advanced quality control capabilities in Qtegra ISDS Software, the iSC-65 Autosampler instills confidence in high throughout, unattended ICP-OES and ICP-MS analyses.
  • Low contamination sample introduction: Utilize the iSC-65 Autosampler with the Thermo Scientific iCAP Qnova Series ICP-MS to eliminate manual sample introduction and the potential of contamination when analyzing ultra-pure high sensitivity samples.

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