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POROS analytical chromatography columns are used for the quantification and assessment of purity of biomolecules throughout cell culture and purification processes. POROS A, G, AL, EP, OH, and POROS CaptureSelect columns are polymeric packings designed for high-resolution separation, specifically affinity chromatography of antibodies, proteins, polynucleotides, and other biomolecules with user-immobilized ligands. The resins consist of cross-linked poly[styrene-divinylbenzene] (DVB) flow-through particles for rapid mass transport. This base bead is coated with a cross-linked polyhydroxylated polymer (POROS OH), which is then activated with aldehyde (POROS AL) or epoxide (POROS EP) functional groups.

Figure 1. POROS A, G, and CaptureSelect ligands target multiple IgG epitopes. Figure 1 illustrates the binding sites for affinity ligands Protein A, Protein G, and Protein L. Novel POROS ligands provide alternative specificities that enable rapid binding for the quantitation or purification of engineered immunoglobulins.

Note: POROS affinity chromatography columns are shown in orange.

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POROS A, G, and ligands are available in convenient prepacked HPLC columns. The column range addresses analytical and preparative requirements for the quantitation and purification of immunoglobulins or Fc-fusion or HSA-fusion proteins.

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