Superior transfection efficiency

Next-generation electroporation device—highly efficient transfection of primary cells, stem cells and difficult-to-transfect cells. Learn about the flexibility, simplicity and versatility of the Invitrogen Neon Transfection System.

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Neon transfection system  

The company that brought you modern transfection reagents introduces the Neon Transfection System.

  • Efficiency—up to 90% in many cell types, including difficult-to-transfect cells, primary and stem cells
  • Flexibility—easily transfect from 2 x 104 cells to 6 x 106 cells per reaction
  • Simplicity—single reagent kit for all cell types
  • Versatility—open system allows electroporation parameters to be optimized freely
  • Easy to use protocol

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Neon Transfection System outperforms the Nucleofector System

Thinking about purchasing the Amaxa Nucleofector™ System? Consider the Neon system instead and save your money. A couple advantages include:

One “failsafe” protocol

Unlike the Amaxa Nucleofector instrument, the Neon Transfection System allows you to view the electroporation parameters so that you can better optimize them for your application.


More transfections

The Neon Transfection System can help you move on to the next part of your experiment sooner by reducing the number of cells required and ultimately the time required for cell culture.

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“It's actually helped me to add some assays that previously I had to abandon … because of low transfection efficiency.”

—Alina Mares

“I would recommend it simply because it was very easy to use, it was actually a little bit cheaper than the system we've used in the past and … I really like the features such as the database.”

—Dr. Lydia Wunderley

“It’s very cost efficient because you get high efficiency, through well, the transfection is always successful and that saves you time and effort elsewhere … you can trust this one.”

—Claire Demenis

“The speed that you can actually [transfect] in comparison to the reagent based transfection system it's a lot quicker.  You can do it in five minutes other than an hour or so.”

—Matthew Haley

Featured application note: Delivery solutions for immune cells

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NEW Enabling cell-based therapy and immune cell research with the Neon Transfection System

Genetic manipulation of blood cells is key to understanding and developing treatments for a broad range of diseases such as leukemia, solid-tumor cancers, and HIV infection. Recent progress in immunotherapy, along with advancements in techniques such as genome editing, have sparked a growing interest in blood cell experiments. However, even as more researchers pursue breakthroughs, the difficulty of delivering molecules into these cells continues to be an impediment to more rapid advancement. Download this guide to assist you in this effort.

View the new Delivery solutions for immune cells guide


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