Ribominus Bacteria 2.0 Transcriptome Isolation Kit

Improve your RNA-sequencing results with efficient bacterial transcriptome enrichment. Automation compatible probe-based depletion of ribosomal RNA from bacterial total RNA enables you to sequence more of the RNA you want.

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 Application note: Highly efficient depletion of rRNA using the RiboMinus Bacteria 2.0 kit ›

New and improved features of the RiboMinus Bacteria 2.0 Kit include:

  • More accurate: Optimized hybridization chemistry
  • More consistent: New probe designs targeting 5s ribosomal RNA
  • More features: Expanded probe designs for 16s and 23s ribosomal RNA depletion, designed for use with next generation sequencing (NGS)


  • Automation-friendly magnetic bead technology compatible with KingFisher instruments
  • Works with all common library prep methods
  • Can be utilized with RNA from a wide variety of species
  • Comprehensive ribosomal RNA removal
  • Increased representation of RNA transcript species

Table 1. Comparison of the new Ribominus Bacteria 2.0 Transcriptome Isolation Kit to the older RiboMinus Transcriptome Isolation Kit, bacteria.

 Ribominus Bacteria 2.0 Transcriptome Isolation Kit (A47335)RiboMinus Transcriptome Isolation Kit, bacteria (K155004)
High throughput compatibleManual or automatedManual
Downstream applicationNext Generation Sequencing (NGS)Microarray Analysis
Purification formatMagnetic beadSpin column (not included)
Final productTranscriptome RNATranscriptome RNA
Sample typeTotal RNA (bacterial)Total RNA (bacterial)
Starting material amount (input)100 ng to 5 μg2 μg to 10 μg
Ribosomal reads remaining<20%>80%
Probe designs5s, 16s, 23s (greater than 100)16s, 23s (only 4)

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.