rRNA Depletion probe technology for Next-Generation Sequencing or Microarrays

Thermo Scientific RiboMinus technology is designed to enrich the whole spectrum of RNA transcripts by selectively depleting ribosomal RNA molecules (rRNA), regardless of their polyadenylation status or the presence of of a 5'-cap structure. The RiboMinus method has been shown to remove the vast majority of the most abundant ribosomal RNA molecules (up to 99.9%) to allow for greater interrogation of less abundant transcripts.

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How does RiboMinus deplete rRNA?

RiboMinus products use biotin-labeled probes specifically designed to hybridize to target rRNA and subsequently captured and removed using streptavidin magnetic beads.


Benefits of using RiboMinus for rRNA depletion

  • Can be used in manual or automated systems such as Thermo Scientific KingFisher Instruments (only for the RiboMinus Bacteria 2.0 Transcriptome Isolation kit)
  • Kits for a wide variety of sample types
  • Work with NGS or Microarrays depending on the product

Using RiboMinus for rRNA depletion in your sample prep workflow

For more specifics on each product workflow, view the product page in the ordering table below.


Step 1 - Purify total RNA from a Sample

The protocol begins with total RNA purified from culture, tissues, or blood using a method of choice (e.g., PureLink RNA Mini Kit, TRIzol Reagent, or MagMAX Total RNA).

Hybridize with probe set

Step 2 - Hybridize with probe set

The total RNA is then hybridized with probes specific for abundant ribosomal RNA molecules.

Capture RNA/probe complexes

Step 3 - Capture RNA/probe complexes

Next, the unwanted rRNA are separated from the RiboMinus-enriched complexes using RiboMinus Magnetic beads.

Remove rRNA/probe complexes

Step 4 - Remove rRNA/probe complexes

The RiboMinus-enriched RNA sample is then concentrated using ethanol precipitation or a silica spin column step.

Concentrate RiboMinus depleted RNA

Step 5 - Concentrate RiboMinus depleted RNA

The enriched RNA fraction is now ready for downstream processing (e.g., microarray, RNA-Seq).

Ordering information

Working with other samples? Contact us

Contact us with your species and sequence. Simply include your FASTA sequence in *.txt file format for the ribosomal sequences you would like to verify, with the subject line titled “RiboMinus for (your organism here)”, and we'll work with you to find the right probe for your RiboMinus rRNA depletion.

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