Pipette tips and tubes (including PCR tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, and conical tubes) are an easily overlooked source of ribonuclease (RNase) contamination.

We offer a range of RNase-free plastic pipette tips, PCR tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, and conical tubes. Each lot of Ambion brand tips and tubes undergoes rigorous testing and is nuclease-free.

Product Selection Guide

RNase-Free PlasticsNuclease-Free Pipette Tips
RNase-free tips, 200 µL
  • E-beam sterilized
  • Autoclave-safe
  • Compatible with a broad range of pipettors
  • Aerosol filter
RNase-free tips, 1,000 µL
PCR Tubes
Thin-walled, frosted lid, RNase-free PCR tubes
  • Thin wall allows uniform contact with thermal cycler temperature block
  • Autoclave-safe
  • Frosted surfaces allow for detailed labeling
Thin-walled, domed cap, RNase-free PCR tubes
Thin-walled, frosted lid, RNase-free PCR tubes
PCR tubes and caps, RNase-free, 0.2 mL
Microfuge Tubes
RNase-free microfuge tubes
  • Marked with gradations for convenience
  • Flat lids for convenient labeling
  • Positive-seal design that prevents caps from opening in boiling water baths
  • Autoclave-safe
Non-stick RNase-free microfuge tubes
Conical tubes
  • Tubes are preassembled with green screw tops
  • Writing space and volume marks on sidewalls for convenience
  • Autoclave-safe

Ordering Information

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.