RNA Essentials Products

Protect your RNA and Keep it Safe

We offer a complete solution you need to avoid, detect, and inhibit RNAses. Our Invitrogen and Ambion kits and reagents offer a comprehensive selection of products to help maximize confidence in your results. The product-range includes:

Which RNA Essentials are best for you?

Decontamination Solution-eliminating nuclease contamination, particularly ribonuclease (RNase) contamination.

Stabilize and preserve the integrity of RNA either at the point of collection or even post-collection.

Certified nuclease-free (RNase- and DNase-free) tubes and tips designed for handling RNA and DNA with confidence.

Certified nuclease-free water products available in a wide range of sizes and packaging formats for molecular biology research.

RNase inhibitors are commonly used as a precautionary measure in enzymatic manipulations of RNA to inhibit and control for such contaminants.

RNA and DNA storage buffers, general-use buffers, and molecular biology-grade reagents-all rigorously tested and shown to be nuclease-free.

Technical Support - Don’t Work in Isolation - We’re here to help!

Our sample prep experts are here to help with application support, method development, or any other questions you might have for your sample prep. Please contact us directly at techsupport@thermofisher.com