MagMAX Express Magnetic Particle Processors

MagMAX Express magnetic particle processors are ideal for researchers who want to automate their MagMAX sample preparation kits. The MagMAX Express platform is the premier automated platform to meet your throughput needs. It seamlessly incorporates the rapid, reliable, and cost-efficient magnetic bead-based extraction of nucleic acids that you expect from MagMAX technology.

The MagMAX Sample Preparation System (nucleic acid isolation kits plus magnetic particle processor) offers accelerated and automated nucleic acid isolation utilizing MagMAX magnetic bead-based technology on MagMAX Express Magnetic Particle Processors. MagMAX technology was developed to extract both genomic and viral nucleic acid from diverse sample matrices for several downstream applications. The MagMAX Express and MagMAX Express-96 Magnetic Particle Processors are the perfect complement to magnetic bead–based technology.

Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation Processor for All

To automate the MagMAX Sample Preparation System, two magnetic particle processor configurations are available: the MagMAX Express for low-throughput processing, and the MagMAX Express-96 for high-throughput environments.

MagMAX Express Magnetic Particle Processor Specifications

  MagMAX Express Magnetic Particle Processor MagMAX Express-96 Magnetic Particle Processor
  MagMAX™ Express Magnetic Particle Processor MagMAX™ Express-96 Magnetic Particle Processor
Processing volume 20–200 µL 10–1,000 µL
Capacity Up to 24 samples per run 96 samples per run
Collection efficiency of the particles >99% >95%
Optimal particle size 0.5–10 µm 0.8–10 µm
Magnetic rods (fixed) 2 x 12 format 96 in one frame, interchangeable magnet heads
Microplates (disposable) Capacity: 2 plates, 2 x 12 separate strips Std. 96-well plate, deep well plate
Tip combs (disposable) Special design, 2 x 12 format Std. magnet, deep well magnet
Processing temperature Ambient temperature (i.e. no incubation) Ambient +4ºC to +96ºC
Dimensions (W x D x H) 30 x 30 x 30 cm 68 x 60 x 38 cm
Weight 11.5 kg ~28 kg
Software Preloaded Preloaded
Keyboard/display START/STOP/two cursor keys/LCD START/STOP/four cursor keys/LCD

MagMAX Express Technology

Most automated liquid handling systems move reagents into and out of a single well to perform the different steps of nucleic acid isolation. In contrast, the MagMAX Express Magnetic Particle Processor utilizes permanent rods to collect magnetic beads from solution and releases the beads into the well containing reagents for the next step of isolation. The effectiveness of bead collection and transfer leads to superior washing, elution efficiency, and rapid processing.

Independent Movement Control

The MagMAX Express and MagMAX Express–96 Magnetic Particle Processors utilize permanent magnetic rods and disposable tip combs with independent movement control. When the magnetic rod—sheathed inside the tip comb—is lowered into solution, magnetic beads collect at the bottom of the tip comb. The tip comb can then be positioned in a different well or plate and the beads released by moving the magnetic rods out of the tip comb. The tip comb also mixes the reagents and magnetic beads.

Flexible Protocol Optimization

The innovative MagMAX™ Express instruments use permanent magnetic rods and disposable tip combs for highly effective and rapid nucleic acid isolation and purification. The magnetic rod, sheathed inside the tip comb, allows versatile movement and mixing steps for flexible protocol optimization. When the magnetic rod/tip comb is lowered into a section, magnetic beads in the solution collect at the bottom of the tip comb. The rods/tip combs are then moved to a different well or plate where the beads are released by removing the magnetic rods from the comb. The rod/tip comb mixes samples thoroughly using up-and-down movements. The instruments transfer nucleic acid–bound magnetic beads to different purification solutions for the binding and washing steps of the purification procedures.

This innovative technology provides more effective nucleic acid binding and thorough washing, resulting in consistent, high-quality RNA and DNA for various downstream applications. It also simplifies extraction of both genomic and viral nucleic acid from diverse sample matrices for numerous downstream applications.

Small Footprint

Most automated liquid handling systems are bulky. However, MagMAX Express Systems have small, single-unit footprints that are ideal for limited spaces. They can be placed in small labs or biosafety hoods. They are available in two sizes and sample capacity configurations, 24 and 96 samples, making the MagMAX Express Systems versatile enough for all nucleic acid purification applications.

Ordering Information

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.