Arcturus® RNA Amplification Kits for research use enable gene expression analysis of millions of previously inaccessible formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) research tissue samples and frozen samples. Amplify RNA from as little as 1 ng of total RNA or 5 ng of fixed RNA.

Arcturus® RiboAmp® PLUS Frozen RNA Amplification Kits

The RiboAmp® PLUS Frozen RNA Amplification Kits enable researchers to perform molecular analysis on RNA samples that, until now, have been too small for microarray analysis. Using a proprietary process for high-efficiency, high-fidelity linear amplification, messenger RNA is amplified up to 1,000-fold in one synthesis round and up to 1,000,000-fold in two rounds. The RiboAmp® PLUS Kits produce amplified antisense RNA (aRNA), ready for labeling and microarray hybridization or real-time PCR, and can be used to generate biologically relevant results with cDNA and oligonucleotide array platforms.

 Figure 1. Schematic from Arcturus® RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kits.

Frozen RNA Amplification Kit Selection Guide

RNA Amplification KitMethodApplicationsLinear Amplification Range (Lower Limit)Cat. No.
Arcturus® RiboAmp® PLUS Amplification KitsProprietaryLabeling and microarray hybridization, real-time PCR1 ng of total RNAKIT0526 (1.5-Round-6 samples)
KIT0501 (Bulk-24 samples)
KIT0521 (6 samples)
KIT0527 (0.5 Round-6 samples)
Arcturus® RiboAmp® HS PLUS cDNA KitRandom primersqRT-PCR100 pg of total RNAKIT0529
Arcturus® RiboAmp® HS PLUS Amplification Kits (High Sensitivity)ProprietaryLabeling and microarray hybridization, real-time PCR100 pg of total RNAKIT0525 (6 samples)
KIT0505 (Bulk-24 samples)
KIT0528 (1.5 Round-6 samples)
KIT0508 (1.5 Round-Bulk)