Looking for other cold storage products?

Thermo Scientific is a leader in cold storage products for laboratories, research organizations, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers world-wide.  Find and explore products ideally suited to your application here.

ULT freezers

Thermo Scientific Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers protect and preserve some of the world’s most valuable biological samples. Our portfolio of -80° and -40°C cold storage products are built to deliver uncompromising reliability and dependability because we know your samples are priceless and irreplaceable. Through deep experience and collaboration with customers at leading labs around the world, our ULT freezers incorporate advancements in energy efficiency, sustainability, storage space optimization and ergonomics that make them as easy to use as they are dependable.


Laboratory freezers

Our laboratory freezers are purpose-built to support the demanding and precise requirements of the laboratory environment and the samples you work with. With more than 70 years of experience manufacturing cold storage equipment specifically for labs, our portfolio incorporates innovative freezer design and advanced cooling technologies to deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency and usability. 


Cryopreservation systems

Our portfolio cryopreservation systems provide scientists with reliable, precise cryogenic processing from sample preparation to storage and transportation. These liquid nitrogen-based systems deliver outstanding temperature performance, low operating costs and integrated temperature control.

Wireless monitoring solutions

Thermo Scientific Wireless Monitoring Systems provide exceptional insight into your lab equipment performance and next level peace of mind for the security and integrity of your samples.  That insight pays dividends in workflow efficiencies, operational cost savings, risk mitigation and better protection of high-value materials. Our remote monitoring solutions deliver connectivity and actionable information in a variety of formats designed to suit the requirements of your organization and lab setting today, while enabling future-readiness and scalability. 


Sample storage management solutions

Thermo Scientific offers a broad portfolio of storage containers and consumables designed to ensure the long-term protection and security of your samples inside the freezer, in formats and sizes that optimize space. Preserving the information associated with stored samples is a critical part of the storage process, as unidentified samples in storage are unusable and serve no purpose. Thermo Scientific has proven solutions to organize, track and preserve your samples, including storage container sealing and barcoding systems.