Real-time PCR master mix for microRNA analysis

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, noncoding RNA molecules that direct post-transcriptional gene regulation. miRNA analysis requires reagents that are optimized to detect short microRNA targets expressed at low levels.

Applied Biosystems TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix has been optimized for use with our TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays to deliver highly sensitive detection of miRNA targets across a wide concentration range.

TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix



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cDNA (reverse transcribed from miRNA)



Multiplexing/passive reference dye

With ROX: up to 2 targets

Cycling mode/run time

Fast: ~40 min

Standard: ~50 min

Carryover contamination control

Available in 2 versions:

With UNG


Reverse transcriptase

Use TaqMan Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit to perform the RT Step with TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays

cDNA amplification (OPTIONAL)

Use TaqMan PreAmp Master Mix to amplify small amounts of cDNA before performing qPCR

Assay recommendation

TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays


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