TaqMan™ Drug Metabolism Genotyping Assay Sets are predefined collections of TaqMan DME Genotyping Assays and TaqMan™ Copy Number Assays for specific DME gene targets. These sets were derived from public databases, consortiums, and published articles. Predefined sets of assays greatly simplify the study of key DME variants. The assays are delivered in individual tubes to either run a subset of assays or the entire set.

Table 1: List of Currently Available Assay Sets

Set NameSet Information
PharmaADME Core Marker Set

 The PharmaADME consortium (www.PharmaADME.org) created a consensus list of the known and likely functional variation present in key DME genes. The most important ADME genes can be grouped into four categories: Phase I and II metabolism enzymes, transporters, and modifiers. The Core Marker list is the list of variants in these genes that are considered to be most important. This assay set is comprised of both TaqMan® DME and Copy Number Assays.

To learn more, see:

Cytochrome P450 Set

Many researchers have contributed to lists of pharmacogenomics-relevant polymorphisms in the cytochrome p450 family of genes.

To learn more, see:

  • Assay List (.xls, 26 KB)
  • Ingelman-Sundberg M, et al. (2008) Influence of cytochrome P450 polymorphisms on drug therapies: pharmacogenetic, pharmacoepigenetic and clinical aspects. Pharmacology & Therapeutics 116, 496-526
  • Gardiner SJ, et al. (2006) Pharmacogenetics, drug-metabolizing enzymes, and clinical practice. Pharmacological Reviews 58, 521-90
Custom TaqMan Copy Number Assays

How to Order

  1. Choose an Assay Set in the table below and open the Assay List.

Set Name Set Information
PharmaADME Core Marker SetMarkers identified by the PharmaADME Consortium (PharmaADME.org). To learn more, download: Assay List (.xls, x KB)
Cytochrome P450 SetPharmacologically relevant polymorphisms in the cytochrome p450 family of genes. To learn more, download: Assay List (.xls, 26 KB)

  1. Read the "Start Here" tab in the Excel file for specific directions on how to order each set.

Product applications

  • Drug Metabolism Enzyme
  • PharmaADME
  • Genotyping