Life Technologies offers a collection of TaqMan™ Drug Metabolism Genotyping Assays for pharmacogenomics applications. This product provides 2,700 unique assays to detect polymorphisms in 221 genes that code for various drug metabolism enzymes and drug transporters. View the Drug Metabolism Genotyping Assay Index in Excel (908 KB) or Text (905 KB) format.

  • Select individual assays for your drug metabolism studies
  • Study single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), multiple nucleotide polymorphisms (MNPs), and insertions/deletions (In/Dels) with the ease of use and flexibility in choosing your targets
  • Work confidently — our bioinformatics mapping, design, and in silico QC means you will study the right SNP
  • 95% coverage of PharmaADME core targets

TaqMan Drug Metabolism Genotyping Assays detect biologically important polymorphisms that reside in complex portions of the genome. These polymorphisms have been associated with certain diseases such as cancer, and have been shown to significantly impact drug efficacy. Where possible all assays have been mapped to the common public allele nomenclature. All TaqMan DME Genotyping Assays have proven performance across 180 unique DNA samples.

Discrimination 5' nuclease assay to discriminate between 2 alleles of a specific SNP for use in genotyping studies.
Assay Components Each pre-formulated assay contains:
  • 2 unlabelled PCR primers: (forward and reverse (primers at 900 nM final concentration)
  • 1 VIC® dye – MGB labeled probe detects the Allele 1 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)
  • 1 6FAM™ dye – MGB labeled probe detects the Allele 2 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)
Reactions Sufficient for 750 5ul reactions in a 384-well plate 
Expiration Date 5 years from the date of manufacturing
Documentation Available to download at :
  • Protocol for TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays products (pdf file)
  • Reference Guide: TaqMan® Drug Metabolism Genotyping Assays                            
  • Product Insert (pdf file)
  • Assay Information File (tab delimited text format)
  • Understanding Your Assay Information (text file)
  • Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Assay Information File Includes sales order number, part number, assay ID, probe and primer concentrations, and Context Sequence. Also includes NCBI dbSNP ID, chromosome location, cytogenic location, gene association, SNP type, and Applied Biosystems® minor allele frequencies, if applicable.

The Context Sequence is the nucleotide sequence surrounding the SNP site and is provided in the (+) genome strand orientation relative to the NCBI reference genome. The SNP alleles are included in brackets, where the order of the alleles corresponds to the association with probe reporter dyes, where [Allele 1 = VIC® dye / Allele 2 = FAM™ dye].
  • 2D barcode laser-etched on the bottom of each assay tube
  • 1D barcode printed on each rack of tubes
Shipping and Storage

Shipped at ambient temperature.
Store at –15ºC to –25ºC.

White Paper: Ambient Temperature Shipping Reduces Environmental Impact and Retains Quality and Stability