Although using siRNAs at low concentrations decreases off-target effects, further specificity gains can be made using bioinformatic filtering to predict and eliminate potentially “bad” siRNAs.

Five-step Bioinformatic Filtering Process that Eliminates siRNAs Predicted to Elicit Off-target Effects.

The Design Process for Silencer Select siRNAs

  • Includes the rigorous, five-step process shown at right to remove siRNAs with a high propensity for off-target effects
  • Incorporates the newly developed Silencer Select Toxicity Classifier, which eliminates sequences predicted to elicit an off-target apoptotic phenotype
  • Minimizes miRNA pathway related off-target effects by removing siRNAs with seed regions that resemble naturally occurring miRNAs and selecting siRNAs with the fewest seed region matches in the 3’UTRs of off-target transcripts