ExoSAP-IT and ExoSAP-IT Express PCR Cleanup Reagents
  • Five-minute protocol—fast turnaround time
  • One-tube, one-step PCR cleanup— add reagent directly to PCR product
  • Novel enzyme technology— irreversibly inactivated in just one minute at 80°C
  • Complete sample recovery—100% recovery of PCR products, regardless of amplicon length
  • Eliminates spin columns or beads—significantly decreases time and errors while increasing yield
  • Compatible—no interference in downstream applications
  • Scalable—treat a wide range of volumes
  • Multiple formats—single-tube, 8-tube strip, and 96-well plate formats offer flexibility for manual or automated workflows
  • Optional tracking dye—never lose track of reagent addition during pipetting

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ExoSAP-IT Express reagents are patented mixtures of exonuclease I combined with shrimp alkaline phosphatase (SAP) in a specially formulated buffer, which remove excess primers and dNTPs following PCR. Exonuclease I removes residual single-stranded primers and any extraneous single-stranded DNA produced during PCR. SAP removes the remaining dNTPs from the PCR mixture that may interfere with subsequent reactions. Adding ExoSAP-IT Express reagent directly to the PCR product eliminates transfer steps to tubes, wells, or columns and conserves amplicons, helping to reduce the chance of cross-contamination; no further processing is needed. After enzymatic cleanup with ExoSAP-IT Express reagent, primers and dNTPs will no longer interfere with DNA sequencing or other downstream applications.

ExoSAP-IT Express: fastest PCR cleanup method

ExoSAP-IT Express reagent offers rapid turnaround times and improved efficiency of resource use while delivering the same superior cleanup as the original ExoSAP-IT reagent. Eliminate spin columns, magnetic beads, sedimentation, filtration, and gel purifications—the novel ExoSAP-IT technology allows for a significant reduction in sample cleanup time with minimal steps, providing the simplest workflow (Figure 1).

ExoSAP-IT Express reagent vs. other common methods

Figure. 1. ExoSAP-IT Express reagent vs. other common methods.


Treat 5 μl of PCR product with 2 μl of ExoSAP-IT Express reagent. Treatment is carried out at 37°C for 4 minutes followed by an incubation period at 80°C for 1 minute to irreversibly inactivate both enzymes. Once enzyme inactivation is complete, your PCR products are ready for downstream applications such as sequencing (Sanger/NGS), fragment analysis, SNP analysis, in vitro transcription, or single base extension (Figure 2).

Enzymatic cleanup of PCR reaction with ExoSAP-IT reagent

Figure 2. Enzymatic cleanup of PCR reaction with ExoSAP-IT Express reagent.

Original ExoSAP-IT reagent

The original ExoSAP-IT formulation is considered the gold standard in enzymatic PCR cleanup. ExoSAP-IT PCR product cleanup has been cited in over 10,000 publications.

  • 30 minutes cleanup protocol
  • Recommended for processing 1-96 samples at a time
  • Best cost per reaction

Applied Biosystems™ CleanSweep™ and ExoSAP-IT reagents are interchangeable in both function and performance. A direct comparison of sequencing data obtained after cleanup with ExoSAP-IT and CleanSweep reagents shows that both sets of data are equivalent in contiguous read length (CRL), quality score (QV), and peak under peak (PUP) (Figure 3).

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Original ExoSAP-IT reagent
Sequencing traces after enzymatic cleanup

Figure 3. Sequencing traces after enzymatic cleanup with (A) CleanSweep reagent, (B) ExoSAP-IT reagent, and (C) buffer only (negative control).

Also available in a high-throughput formulation

HT ExoSAP-IT™ High-Throughput PCR Product Cleanup is an alternative formulation of ExoSAP-IT reagent specifically designed for the unique requirements of high-throughput, automated platforms, and multi-channel pipettes. HT ExoSAP-IT reagent has both a longer lifetime at higher temperatures and a decreased viscosity for robotic pipetting.

Like ExoSAP-IT for PCR Product Cleanup (Cat. No. 78200), HT ExoSAP-IT reagent is a mixture of exonuclease I and shrimp alkaline phosphatase (SAP) which removes excess primers and dNTPs following a PCR reaction in a single incubation. HT ExoSAP-IT reagent possesses greater thermal stability and lower viscosity which provides greater ease-of-use in automated 96- and 384-well formats.


HT ExoSAP-IT™ High-Throughput PCR Product Cleanup

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