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Guides and Tools

  • Cloningbench : A useful mobile app designed to provide you with tools to help guide your cloning experiments

Custom Services

TOPO Cloning Adaptation

If you have a favorite cloning vector or a vector that you wish to use for a specific assay, let our TOPO Cloning experts adapt it for you. Any vector you choose can be TOPO adapted for high efficiency cloning of PCR products in 5 minutes.

Custom Gene Synthesis

Gene synthesis outperforms traditional cloning by providing fast turnaround times and guaranteed sequence accuracy. Construct design and optimization services are also available in order to fine tune the expression of your gene(s) of interest.

Plasmid Services

GeneArt Plasmid Services include flexible offerings covering construction of plasmid vectors customized for your needs, and subcloning of your sequence into any vector, including the Gateway vector system. Concentrate on your research goals and leave your plasmid construction and subcloning work to us.