Essential tools for cloning experiments

CloningBench is designed to provide you with useful and essential tools to help guide your cloning experiments at the bench or on the move. With over 24,000 downloads to-date, join in by downloading and supercharge your cloning success at the bench.

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NEW in CloningBench 3.0

  • Introducing the Invitrogen™ Anza™ restriction enzyme cloning system; a new one buffer, one digestion protocol for all restriction enzymes, and DNA types. Find out more about the Anza™ system
  • Now available for Android™ devices
  • Bug fixes
  • And more!


CloningBench features

Anza restriction enzymes

Find the right Anza restriction enzyme for your research using simple and single search functionality. View datasheets and add Anza restriction enzymes to your cart to share via email or immediate check-out


Anza modifying enzymes

For further DNA manipulation view the full suite of Anza modifying enzymes that are all compatible with Anza restriction enzymes in the same, proprietary buffer

Competent cells selection guide

Multi-filter search functionality to quickly identify the right competent cell for your cloning application


Vector to insert molar ratios calculator

Calculate the quantity of insert and vector required for a 1:1 molar ratio

Nucleic acid concentration calculator

Calculate the concentration of nucleic acids according to their optical density


Molar quantities calculator

Convert molar concentration into molar quantities and vice versa

Gene size estimator

Estimate the size of a gene from a known protein size and vice versa


Bacterial growth timer

Determine the time it takes for a bacterial culture to reach a desired optical density

PCR master mix calculator

Calculate quantities of components for your PCR master mix and easily scale up



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