Each project has its own unique requirements. To meet these different demands, many of Invitrogen’s competent cells are offered in a variety of packaging formats (Table 1). Custom formats are also available.


Table 1: Competent cells are available in a variety of formats.

Format / Volume Chemically competent Electrocompetent Throughput Advantage
One Shot® 50 μl Single-use Transformation and recovery in the same tube
MultiShot™ StripWell
50 μl per well
  High-throughput 12 strips of 8 tubes; do as many or as few reactions as needed
15 μl per well
  High-throughput 96-well plates fit automated format
100 µl, 200 µl, or 500 µl
  Economical option

Single-use One Shot® aliquots for unparalleled convenience


The unique One Shot® format provides 50 μl aliquots of chemically competent cells in single-use tubes. Transformation is performed directly in the tube, saving you time and effort. There are no extra pipetting steps, no extra tubes, and no loss of efficiency due to repeated freeze-thaw cycles. These kits come with SOC medium and pUC19 positive control (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The single-use One Shot® Kits offer the highest level of convenience.

MultiShot™StripWell format for medium throughput


The MultiShot™ StripWell format provides strips of tubes in a 96-well plate format, each well containing 50 μl of chemically competent cells This allows you to use as many or as few reactions as you want, without wasting reagents. Each kit includes 12 strips of eight tubes, SOC medium, and pUC19 positive control (not pictured). (Figure 2).

Figure 2: MultiShot™ StripWell kits are designed for medium-throughput cloning.

MultiShot™ format for the highest throughput


The MultiShot™ format provides 15 μl aliquots of chemically competent cells in each well of a 96-well plate. Kits are supplied with five 96-well plates, SOC medium, and pUC19 positive control (Figure 3).

Figure 3: MultiShot™ kits include competent cells predispensed into 96-well plates.

Standard kits are the economical choice


Standard kits include competent cells in a bulk format. They are designed for scientists who perform more than one transformation at a time and for general use in a busy lab. Kits are available in 500 μl (5 × 100 μl), 1 ml (5 × 200 μl), and 2 ml (4 × 500 μl) quantities. These kits include SOC medium and pUC19 positive control (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Standard bulk format for an economical choice.

Have it your way with a custom kit

Custom kits with any competent cell type can be packaged in any of the above formats to meet your particular needs. Custom-designed strains can also be made available.