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When performing high-throughput cloning, having the right competent cells in the right format helps optimize your workflow. Invitrogen MultiShot formats of chemically competent cells are designed for compatibility with multichannel pipettes and automated liquid handling robots to streamline the bacterial transformation process.

MultiShot chemically competent cells are available in three packaging formats: StripWell, FlexPlate, and standard 96-well PCR plates. These formats offer flexibility in the number of transformations that can be performed at once while maintaining the same cloning workflow.

Invitrogen MultiShot high-throughput chemically competent E. coli

Watch the video to see how the StripWell and FlexPlate formats are used in the lab for different workflows.

Compare competent cell formats for high-throughput cloning

Choose a format based on your need for flexibility and throughput.

StripWell format

FlexPlate format

96-well plates
Format description12 capped 8-tube strips in lidded storage rackFoil-sealed 96-well break-away PCR plate that can be separated into 12 8-well segments5 foil-sealed 96-well plates
Best forFlexible number of transformation reactions from 1 to 96High throughput cloning with ability to use part of the plate (multiples of 8) in a PCR plate formatFull-plate high throughput and automated cloning workflows
Volume of competent cells per tube/well50 μL/tube20 μL/well15 μL/well

Heat-sealed plates for competent cell storage

Be confident in your competent cell supply. FlexPlate-formatted competent cells are heat-sealed using a foil seal that does not delaminate even at very low temperatures and is easy to remove. Competent cells can also be accessed by piercing the foil using a needle or pipette tip.

E. coli strains available as MultiShot competent cells

All Invitrogen MultiShot competent cells are conveniently supplied as a kit including SOC medium and control plasmid.

E. coli strainStripWell formatFlexPlate format96-well plate format
DH5α T1RC449601C4481201
DH10B T1RC6481201
Mach1 T1RC869601C8681201
OmniMAX 2 T1RC8581201
BL21 Star (DE3)C609601
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Competent cells: Featured products

In addition to competent cells, we offer a broad suite of products for the cloning workflow.


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