OminMAX and DH10B competent cells have eliminated mcrA, mcrBC, mrr, and hsdRMS restriction systems to allow construction of more representative genomic libraries.

Which competent cell strain is right for you?

  gDNA & plasmid rescue Inverted & direct repeats & retroviral uses High efficiency Highest efficiency; for large inserts Highest chemically competent efficiency
Transformation Efficiency of pUC19 >1x1010 cfu/µg >5x109 cfu/µg >1x1010 cfu/µg >3x1010 cfu/µg
>5x109 cfu/µg
Plasmid size >20 kb >100 kb >20 kb >100 kb >20kb
Competent cell type Electrocompetent Electrocompetent Electrocompetent Electrocompetent Chemically Competent
T1 and T5 Phage resistant (ton A)     yes yes yes
Generate ssDNA (Contains F' Episome)   yes     yes
Cloning unstable inserts   yes      
One Shot format         yes
Blue/White Screening yes yes yes yes yes
Kit contains 5 tubes x 100 µL 5 tubes x 100 µL 5 tubes x 100 µL 5 tubes x 100 µL 20 tubes x 50 µL
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