OminMAX™ and DH10B™ competent cells have eliminated mcrA, mcrBC, mrr, and hsdRMS restriction systems to allow construction of more representative genomic libraries.

Which Competent Cell Strain is Right for You?

  gDNA & plasmid rescue Inverted & direct repeats & retroviral uses High efficiency Highest efficiency; for large inserts Highest chemically competent efficiency
Transformation Efficiency of pUC19>1x1010 cfu/µg>5x109 cfu/µg>1x1010 cfu/µg>3x1010 cfu/µg
>5x109 cfu/µg
Plasmid size>20 kb>100 kb>20 kb>100 kb>20kb
Competent cell typeElectrocompetentElectrocompetentElectrocompetentElectrocompetentChemically Competent
T1 and T5 Phage resistant (ton A)  yesyesyes
Generate ssDNA (Contains F' Episome) yes  yes
Cloning unstable inserts yes   
One Shot® format yes
Blue/White Screeningyesyesyesyesyes
Kit contains5 tubes x 100 µl5 tubes x 100 µl5 tubes x 100 µl5 tubes x 100 µl20 tubes x 50 µl
Price per transformation$10.48
(20 µl/reaction)
(20 µl/reaction)
(20 µl/reaction)
(20 µl/reaction)
(50 µl/reaction)
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